The following is the reading schedule for MMC3703 and MMC6936 Fall 2014

Required Book:

ESPN Those Guys Have All the Fun, Miller and Shales (paperback; all page numbers refer to paperback)

For Quiz 1

>> ESPN book (all pages correspond with paperback edition):
From Chapter 3 (pages 139-157; 178-190; 198-209)
>>“The Worldwide Leader in Dong Shots,” GQ, Gabriel Sherman, February 2011.
>>“How ESPN Ditched Journalism,” Deadspin, November 11, 2012

For Quiz 2

>>ESPN book:
From Chapter 4 (pages 224-252; 322-329), From Chapter 5 (pages 445-468)
>>“Damned Yankee,” Sports Illustrated, Gary Smith, 1997.

For Quiz 3

>>ESPN book:
From Chapter 6 (pages 469-495; 510-557)
From Chapter 7 (pages 609-631)
From Chapter 8 (pages 707-714; 726-751)
>>“Can Bill Simmons Win the Big One?” New York Times Magazine, Jonathan Mahler, May 31, 2011.



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