Look for Q&As about the class here.

I’m not entirely sure I’m doing the blog commenting correctly, or how many I’m supposed to do.

You need to do 15 comments during the semester–two every two weeks (and one in the last two weeks of class). They should be roughly 100 words, but obviously welcome to write longer. These readings will not be on the exam, but are there for you to comment on and fulfill that portion of your grade. So only read the links you’re interested in and to stay current on sports-media issues.

Can I comment on any post, even older ones?

Yes, even if the post is old (from earlier in the semester), it’s okay to comment on it. You have to comments twice every two weeks, but you can comment in a post that is not in that time frame.

What’s with the registering to comment?

It’s not really registering. But when you sign in to make a comment, if you choose to use a different name than your real name, send me and Annelie (the teaching assistant) an e-mail with your name, username and UFID so we can track your comments.

Is there a way to keep track of how many blog comments I’ve made?

I don’t think there’ s a way to search by user (but correct me if I’m wrong–maybe if you’re officially registered with WordPress you can). You’ll be able to see your scores in Canvas as they’re updated every two weeks. You cannot make up for comments you’ve missed.

Why don’t you make PowerPoint slides available online?

Since we don’t have an attendance grade, I do think that part of doing well on the exam means that you’re in class as much as you can. And I think that making the slides available online influences attendance. I would recommend that early on in the semester, you group up with a few people so you can share notes on days that you might miss. But fair warning: Exam questions from guest speakers and lectures aren’t always from what’s on the slides, so attendance will help you do better on the exam.


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