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Thanks to Chad Johnson

BIG thanks to Chad Johnson for Skyping in today (on his way to South Beach)… Hope you were surprised… Feel free to weigh in with thoughts here. –TS


Thanks to Sterger

Thanks to Jenn Sterger for joining us in class today. I appreciated her honesty and her willingness to share with us her insights and opinions, as well as her side of the story. Your big takeaways? –TS

Course Evals

I do take course evaluations seriously–so much so that I have often changed aspects of the class to reflect the comments you make. So we would very much appreciate if you took a moment to fill out evals:

Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving. –TS

Turduckens of the Year

Awful Announcing just posted its list of odd sports-media moments of the year. Some gems in here. –TS

Cooper and Maclin

A little media scenario involving Eagles’ receivers Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin. Cooper said he made a comment intended as a joke, it was blown up by media, and now it appears to be a little in-fighting. Can players not make a joke to the media for fear of it being taken seriously? –TS

Penn State continued…

If you didn’t get a chance to weigh in on any of the media issues we discussed re Penn State today, please feel free to jump in on anything form Costas to the press conference, or any national media outlets didn’t lead the story or anything else we covered (or didn’t cover). –TS

Thanks to Cole

Thanks to Jason Cole for joining us last week. Any thoughts or things that stood out? –TS

Cari Champion Subject of Twitter Abuse

Case in point to everything I was trying to get across in the lecture about women in sports media: The crazy Twitter abuse that comedian Artie Lange hurled in the direction of ESPN’s Cari Champion. Here’s a rundown. –TS