Sports Media & Society (MMC 3703) is a course offered through the department of journalism at the University of Florida.It covers the history, functions, conflicts, and issues of the changing world of sports media from the perspective of the media, the sports industry, and the fans. Ted Spiker, an associate professor at UF who heads the department’s magazine sequence, is the course instructor. Spiker, a former editor at Men’s Health magazine, is also a freelance magazine writer. You can read more about him here and follow him on Twitter at @ProfSpiker.


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  1. GatorBusinessman

    I was just reading a blog on “Awful Announcing” and there was a pretty interesting story in there on a player that we all know and watched once upon a time. That’s right, Mr. Terrell Owens, T.O. for short. According to the sources he was last seen playing for the Allen Wranglers (not a NFL team). I don’t know if you knew or not but the New York Jets lost two of there best play makers on offense (S.Holmes) and defense (D.Revis) to injuries. So, Mr. T.O. use to be one of the feared receivers in the game, the man who did push ups in his own driveway and lets not forget the same man that stood on the star in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium is now begging for a position with the New York Jets. The medium that he used was not one of official business, instead he used Twitter. That’s right he used Twitter to try and land his next football gig. So, the question is why does T.O. really want to be back in the league… Is it his love for the game or simply the money???

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