LAST Google Hangout

Our last Google Hangout will be on Wednesday, December 10 at 3 pm. I am so excited that former Gator alumna and current sports journalist for ESPN and the SEC Network, Laura Rutledge will be hanging out with us. Laura has had quite the career since graduating from the College of Journalism in 2011. She has previously worked for FOX Sports as a Big 12 football sideline reporter, Pac 12 basketball reporter, as well as the Tampa Bay Rays and San Diego Padres baseball reporter. Aside from working with ESPN, Laura currently also works for CNN as a host for their international sports show “World Sport”, Bleacher Report on CNN and The Robin Meade show on HLN. Please join me for our last Hangout of the semester!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 7.00.39 PM

Instructions for attending the Hangout:

Option 1: If you have a Gmail/Google+ account click here and it should take you right to the event (you’ll have to click on the video on that page). The nice thing about using G+ to view the hangout is that it it has several awesome features: it allows you to ask questions before and during our session and you can like or dislike certain moments in the hangout. You might want to visit the link now and click: YES for the ‘are you going to watch’ question- it should send you reminders.

Option 2: If you don’t have a Google+ account you can still watch the Hangout via Youtube: Link Here. You will see a countdown until the event starts, but as soon as we go “live” you will see the video. This version is not as engagement-friendly as the G+ version. You can still send questions for Laura via Twitter, using #SportsMediaUF.

Remember that you must attend at least 1 Hangout this semester and within 48 hrs write up and submit a 1 page paper about reflecting on what you learned (see syllabus for more directions).


2 responses to “LAST Google Hangout

  1. Although all of the guest speakers who came to visit were quite impressive… Chad Johnson was most definitely my favorite speaker of the year, not only because of his energy but how unfiltered and intimate the skype session was. He answered any and all questions we asked with great detail, and showed a side of him many people most likely do not see, especially the public. Also, he held us priority over his valet parking which was suttel, but showed he actually wanted to participate in the skype session, it was really great.

  2. Kacey McGuinness

    Even though I saw Stephen A Smith and wrote on him for my Google Hangout, I’m planning on watching this one too. I met Laura before she got married (and her last name was McKeeman at the time) at a student government meeting for my high school in Tampa that she was speaking at. As a huge Tampa Bay Rays fan I would talk to her almost every game, as she was one of Fox Sun Sports main reporters. I was even rooting for her to win Miss America when she was in the pageant! I look forward to hearing from her today and seeing what she has been up to!

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