Favorite Speaker?

One more round of blog comments to go, so let’s make this a fun one…who was your favorite guest speaker this semester and why? –A

In case you forgot the lineup:

Rachel Axon, Jason Cole, Jeff Darlington, Jeremy Foley, Bill Frakes, Kevin Hull, Chad Johnson, Chris Kluwe, Jeff Pearlman, Tori Petri, Adam Schefter and Cyd Zeigler. And let’s not forget our Hangout guests: Gregg Doyel, Rob London, Lauren Murray, Kenton Olson and Laura Rutledge (coming soon).


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  1. Paige Colloredo

    I’m not going to lie, this is a really tough question to answer. I thoroughly enjoyed Tori Petri’s appearance because she’s living my dream life. I love Adam Schefter because he’s one of my favorite ESPN sportscasters. However, I’d have to say that Jeff Pearlman was my favorite guest speaker. He was so candid in his thoughts and he made it seem that he hadn’t told the story many times before. He didn’t hold back on us and told us every detail he remembered about the day he spent with John Rocker. The Skype session with him was what made me fall in love with this class and will be one of my favorite college memories.

  2. Kimberly Ginsburg

    Although I loved each and every speaker that we had this semester, my ultimate favorite speaker was Chris Kluwe. He isn’t just an amazing football player or a knowledgeable writer, but instead he stands for something and used his influence to make a difference. To me, that is most important. He was extremely entertaining to listen to because he was so candid and humorous. I remember one lesson he taught us that still resonates with me today. “Best lesson on social media: you’re not going to change someone’s mind so you’re better off just muting them. Never argue with idiots because they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” His outlook on life is inspiring, and I loved hearing Kluwe speak about his experience when expressing his opinions on gay rights.

  3. I would have to say Pearlman with Kluwe in a close second. The way Pearlman described his experiences with Rocker was just too entertaining. To have such an out of the norm experience with a professional athlete like Pearlman did immediately captured my attention. Pearlman wasn’t afraid to hold anything back from us about his time with Rocker and I really respected him for sharing that info with us. Pearlman hit the nail on the head with his story about Rocker’s crazy antics on and off the field and getting the specific details on what transpired during their time together from Pearlman was awesome. Also enjoyed the fact he was not afraid to be confronted by Rocker after the piece ran which is pretty impressive in itself.

  4. My personal favorite guest speaker was Chad Johnson because I feel like I know him personally. I follow him on Twitter and he’s such a joy to follow. He’s very interactive with his fans and he’s even replied to a tweet of mine before. I loved how honest he was and I also admired how he realizes that the NFL is over for him at the moment and he wants to be a better father to his children. What I love the most about him his that he took a chance to play for another league because he loves the game THAT MUCH, it takes a real man to put his pride aside.

  5. Without a doubt my favorite guest speaker was Chad Johnson. He was extremely entertaining and funny, but at the same time he seemed humble about everything. He was also very honest about everything, which was pretty cool to see. He was easily one of my more favorite players in the league when I was growing up so it was definitely a fanboy moment for me when he appeared on the screen. I also really enjoyed Jeff Darlington and Adam Schefter because the NFL insider jobs are interesting to me so it was neat to see a firsthand account.

  6. I would have to say my favorite speaker was Chris Kluwe. He was so witty and honest about everything. I really admire how smart of a person he is and how he strongly supports what he believes in. My second favorite was Chad Johnson because he is such a funny personality and he set the prime example of skyping and driving for us. I really enjoyed all the guests and am so happy to say I have been able to see all of them speak in a less formal setting to see who they really are.

  7. My favorite speaker was Chad Johnson. Obviously Chad is known for his comedic relief and celebrity persona but we were lucky enough to see another side of him. I really enjoyed when he discussed the domestic violence issue with us because he was recently the center of a major domestic abuse scandal. His honesty with us and his clear remorse for the incident was a highlight for me. But, of course, the Skype session was replete with his wry humor. The fact that he was driving and talking to us simultaneously was hilarious. It seems like he really enjoys retirement and has matured significantly as he continues life without football.

  8. I’d have to say my favorite speaker was Chris Kluwe. He is an incredible football player as well as a great writer. He also stands up for what’s important to him and he used his fame and power to make a difference. He was so entertaining and interesting to listen to because he was confident and so funny the entire time. I really admire him for disregarding the opinions of others and doing what he felt was right in the situation. His wit is another thing I really admire. He has a wonderful outlook on life in general and I really enjoyed hearing him discuss his experiences regarding his opinions on gay rights.

  9. My favorite guest speaker was Cyd Zeigler because he was very open and honest with all of us that day in class. He portrayed himself as a very hard working, determined person. I really found it incredible that he has had the opportunity to work with so many athletes. And to do so with such a sensitive topic. He gives a good name as a journalist and sports media.

  10. I thought that having one of the biggest names in the NFL media-wise, Adam Schefter,was one of the coolest things that has happened in a class at this university, but to me the most interesting speaker we had come to class was Cyd Ziegler. He was actually in person so we did not have to play around with Skype, and he offered some information that I did not know. He is helping create with history and gives people confidence to be who they are no matter what society says, and helps you keep your job no matter what it is. To me, his job is very admirable, and that’s one of the reasons why I thought he was he best speaker we had, plus he flew here from California; that’s dedication.

  11. Chad Johnson was the most well-known of the bunch. I feel that he both delivered to character with a few humorous lines, as well as changed the perceptions that many of us may have had about him. He was very open to discussing his career and his past. He also showed that he really was never crazy or a bad guy, but just someone who was taking advantage of the media attention to expand his brand.

  12. I would definitely have to say that Bill Frakes was may favorite speaker. I really liked how he began his segment by just showing us a 10 minute slide show of all of his favorite pictures and favorite people he has every worked with. He was a very able and interesting photographer who has been all over the world and is working one of the most interesting jobs I have ever seen. He also had a lot of great stories to tell throughout the lecture he provided us with.

  13. With so many great speakers in this class, I honestly loved Chad Johnson and Jeff Pearlman the most. I loved Chad because of how famous he is and the fact i follow him on twitter, which is the reason why I was the one who asked him about his obsession with Orca Whales. The dude is one cool and funny guy. Also Jeff Pearlman, because of his sense of humor and what he did to Rocker, who deserves it for being so stupid.

  14. Stephen Lomabrdi

    Chad Johnson was without a doubt the most entertaining speaker we had all year. He was such a polarizing figure in the NFL fo sor many years, however, I felt like I knew him only by his antics, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The skype session with him gave us a glimpse inside the mind of one of the most controversial athletes of the last decade,and it was an opportunity I am so grateful this class provided. Also, Chad seemed to be just a fantastic and hilarious guy overall.

  15. We had a lot of interesting speakers this semester, however, my top two would come down to Jeff Darlington and Cyd Zeigler. These are two of the more successful sports writers to speak to the class. Cyd offered some great insight into some of the most polarizing stories of today’s sports world. His insight into the showering story about Michael Sam and the whole ordeal was really fascinating and I loved to hear about it. His work his honest and admirable to help any athlete that comes to him or hears about him and that happens to be in need of help for “coming out” to the sports world in their own way. Jeff Darlington is an inspiration because he went to UF as well and now is making it big time as a NFL Network reporter, and it all started with the Channing Crowder story that was a really cool story, as well. All speakers this semester have been great, but I’d have to say these two are my favorite.

  16. Chad Ochocinco! Enough said. His personality not only as the arrogant, yet creative player that he was, carries off the field with him because that is his personal identity. He’s real and speaks his mind with no filter. As a guest speaker he took us through his journey of his career and really allowed us to get to know him with no restrictions. He reminded me of when Stephen A Smith visited not too long ago because he was himself and his thoughts were personal but became public when he spoke. We all want to hear the truth and nothing but the truth, and that is what Chad Johnson brought to the table. Plus, the man has swagger.

  17. My favorite speaker was Adam Schefter. He offered a lot of insight into what goes into his job, what every day is like for him and what goes in to being a sports analyst. He also came from a newspaper background, which I think offered even more insight into how experience working for a newspaper can help you transition or be prepared for any other job in this industry. He seems very dedicated to his work, but I get the feeling that with working so much and dedicating so much effort into getting tidbits of information every day, it leaves little room for his family. Which is why, even though I think he had some great advice, I also think that he is, perhaps, a prime example of what we could be like in 10 or 20 years if we’re working at a huge network like ESPN. Of course, we can still work there and have personal lives, but it really made me aware of how much sacrifice goes into the hours that a journalist puts in to the job. You really have to love what you do in order to do settle for less time on vacation or with your family.

  18. To start with, I have to say that I really enjoyed all of the guest speakers. It was such a diverse group that they never got old. That being said, my favorite speaker has to be Chad Johnson. It’s easy to judge Johnson as a joker based on his actions on the field, but him speaking to the class showed the real him, which was very entertaining. One of my favorite things about Johnson was his willingness to be candid and even address mistakes he’s made in the past. He didn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics. Also, Johnson was obviously very funny, and much wittier than I expected. His comments had me laughing from start to finish, and helped showed that despite how he is sometimes portrayed, he is a very smart guy. Overall, Skyping Johnson was awesome, and gave me a whole new respect for him as a player and as a man.

  19. Chad Johnson has one of the most colorful personalities in the nation, how could he not be my favorite guest speaker?! Watching him in the NFL with all of his touchdown celebrations, cocky attitude, and just plain having fun, he was the most interesting player for me growing up. And the best part about the interview was that he was just as, if not more, like-able in person. He is one of those rare people that radiates energy and everyone is drawn into his charm. His obsession with orcas literally almost had me rolling on the floor laughing, and the fact that they’re on his bucket list is even better. He just seems like a great guy, and was the funniest guest I could imagine having in our class. Thanks for the awesome class this first semester of college for me!!!!

  20. My favorite speaker was definitely Chad Johnson. I used to be a huge fan of his during his days in the NFL so it was very cool to have him talk to our class. I thought he was very entertaining and funny, but also honest. He is not afraid to say some things that players of his stature might be advised to hold back. For example, he said that he wished he played on the Patriots during his prime. I thought that was cool to hear from his perspective.

  21. Despite all the famous and infamous, charismatic speakers that we have been so privileged to hear speak in our class, my favorite speaker was (surprisingly) Kenton Olsen. Although he doesn’t seem very significant upon first glance, his interview proved to be the most interesting to me. I enjoyed Olsen’s passion for being the director of social media for the Seattle Seahawks, and admired his humility and love for his team and co-workers. He spoke candidly and eloquently about the many facets of his role with the Seahawks, and highlighted an area that I could now see myself being passion about in the professional world. Thanks for having him “hangout” with us, he should definitely be asked back!

  22. My favorite guest speaker was Chad Ochocinco. Call me basic, but he was by far the most lively guest we had. Chad showed that athletes that have character can be portrayed inaccurately. He is actually a very smart individual, with qualities that for a good father. Sure he seemed cocky and arrogant when he played football, but it was mostly on the field. Off the field, Chad has only had one slip up, which he brought up in our conversation and addressed the matter with humility and remorse. Having heard Chad speak off camera, in a natural environment where he is one hundred percent himself, I have newfound respect for the superstar.
    His Skype interview alone was comedy-central worthy. From the hot girl in South Beach to the “thirsty” valet guy, Chad managed to entertain even when he was driving in his Smart Car.

  23. Victoria Messina

    It’s honestly so hard to choose from all of the awesome speakers we had this semester, but if I had to narrow it down, I’d say Chris Kluwe was probably my favorite. I really admire athletes who take a stand for something and aren’t afraid to stand out from the rest, and that’s exactly what Kluwe did when dealing with Emmet Burns’ comment about gay marriage. I reread his entire letter to Burns recently, and I love how he was able to make a strong point in a humorously worded way. I think his funny writing style made more people want to read it, which is great because it drew more attention to the underlying issue. Even though I didn’t knew who he was before this class, it was awesome to learn about his story and then hear him talk about his side of it. However, in terms of the most entertaining and fun speaker, Ochocinco takes the cake. I was so starstruck when he came up on the screen, and I immediately texted my brothers to brag about it. Even though he talked about some not-so-serious topics, like touchdown dances, he also touched on more serious things, like his transition to the Patriots and how different they were than the Bengals. He’s such a funny guy and I’m so thankful we got to speak to him in class. Thanks for a great semester!

  24. I enjoyed all of the guest speakers we had in class! My two favorites, however, were Jeff Pearlman and Chad Johnson. Jeff Pearlman’s skype session was super funny and entertaining, and he had a lot of cool information to share. It was awesome seeing his side of the John Rocker story, and experiencing the entire event through the eyes of someone who was involved. Chad Johnson was also extremely entertaining. The class’s reaction alone says it all. He was funny, down-to-earth, and spoke with intelligence and thought. I definitely thought he represented the NFL well, and I have a new-found respect for him as a person. Overall, it was amazing to see big-name people outside the eyes of the media, and to see their true personalities.

  25. Even though all the guest speakers were great, I would say my top two guest speakers were Chris Kluwe and Chad Johnson. Chris Kluwe stood behind his message and beliefs, and he was witty in how he did it. I am a big believer in celebrities, athletes, or anyone who has a platform to use it to help others, and that is exactly what he is trying to do. Also, I love how candid and open Chad Johnson was about everything. Driving while Skyping as well as hearing his three passions in life were both hilarious and genuine because we got to see the real him. Thanks for such an amazing class!

  26. I would have to say it would be a toss up between Chad Johnson and Jeff Pearlman. It was obviously very cool to have a celebrity like Chad Johnson skype with us, it was great to see someone of that star power and athletic caliber be quite real, open, and honest to a class of college students. He didn’t act like he was “too cool” for us, and seemed genuinely interested in our questions and gave honest answers.
    Being able to talk with Jeff Pearlman was also really cool. He is such a quirky and interesting character that being able to see him share his side of the John Rocker story was awesome. He held nothing back, and was insightful, hysterical, yet professional at the same time.
    All-in-all, our speakers this year were great, and I enjoyed them all!

  27. My favorite speaker was Cyd Ziegler. In my opinion, he was the most genuine. He also had the most organized and thought out discussion with his PowerPoint. Not only that, but he gave us insight on his career path. I love that he knows who he is and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He was an innovator and stepped out of the box in creating the website for the gay community. It’s definitely admirable that he gets to work on a subject he’s so passionate with various athletes. He develops confidence is these athletes and that is done with the trust they have in him. He is such a honest and driven person which how he reached all the success he has reached.

  28. Karolina Vlckova

    Jeremy Foley and Chad Johnson were my favorite guest speakers. Jeremy Foley is the best athletic director that we could ever ask for. I like his honesty and how he handle all the pressure. Chad Johnson was truly awesome it was interesting time skyping with him, his sense of humor and how he entertained our class was amazing. This class was the best, I think I will remember this time forever. I was excited to come to every class! Thank you so much professor Ted Spiker and Annelie Schmittel!

  29. I enjoyed every speaker that we had, but there were a few that stood out. Jeff Pearlman was great to listen to and probably had the best stories out of all of the speakers. Adam Schefter and Chad Johnson were probably my top two just because of who they were. Getting to hear the behind the scenes scoop from Schefter and what the job really entails was very interesting. And Ochocinco of course just because of his personality, he seems like a great guy to be around who is just enjoying life on South Beach in his Smart Car. Hearing from Jeremy Foley was great also because he is so respected around the college athletic world, I really enjoyed hearing him speak in person.

  30. I think having a chance to speak with Jeremy Foley was great. Him being one of the most respected and powerful Athletic Directors in the country and to get a chance to understand him and his job was awesome. Especially in the midst of a coaching change it was nice to look back on the time we had with Foley and understand how he may handle a situation like that. Seeing UF in the spotlight and what he hopes to see it accomplish in the latter half of his career was great to hear from him.

  31. This is a tough one because we had so many great guest speakers this semester. However, I think my favorite two were Adam Schefter and Chad OchoCinco. Schefter is the go to man and one of the biggest names in the NFL, and he is on top of the game right now. OchoCinco is awesome! I’ve been a fan of his since his Cincinnati days and have read all of his books and follow him on twitter (obviously.) I thought both of them had great stuff to say and gave great insight.

  32. There were so many great speakers this semester for one and two I’m glad i was able to take this class. Id say Jeff Pearlman. I thought he really connected with the class. He had so many stories about his job and how he almost got into fights. He was really enthusiastic when telling his stories to us and i thought that could be the job for me. He was excited about telling us all his experiences it really seemed like he loved his job. A speaker who didm’t talk in class but that i thought was great was Stephen A. Smith. A true professional and man who is very successful. His voice was so powerful and he spoke of how he’s made it where he is today and i picked up so many habits of his that i could definitely try in my life. Both speakers were very intriguing. I will truly miss this class.

  33. Christina Barcley

    My two favorite speakers from this semester have to be Chad Johnson and Adam Schefter. Chad Johnson was one of my favorites because he was so charismatic and entertaining. He has such a big personality and has been constantly in the news for it, so it was cool to experience that and interact with him on a more personal level. It was also interesting to hear his views on some of the more serious issues going on in the NFL today. In addition, it was really exciting to hear from Adam Schefter. Adam is the go to guy for all things related to the NFL, so it was cool to hear how he gets his information and what a typical week is like for him.

  34. Out of all the great speakers in this class, my favorite speaker was probably Jason Cole. Even though he wasn’t the most famous one, I thought he was one of the best sports media speakers I have ever heard. He was very insightful giving us information about the reggie bush incident and what he did covering that story. I also thought he was very “real” and by that I mean telling us how it is. For instance, I remember when he talked about college athletes being programming, and saying that they are entertainment. I also liked how he talked about how schools related to the “Flutie effect” and that being that school applications go up based on how well a university’s sports programs are.

  35. My favorite guest speaker of the semester was Chad OCHOCINCO Johnson. He was my favorite because he is pretty famous, and he took time out of his day to talk to us. I was so surprised that we were actually skyping with him. I found it humorous how he drives a smart car. It was nice seeing that he is down to earth even though he is famous. He even loves orcas. I also liked the part when he called the valet people thirsty for $20. This is true. Valet workers are very thirsty.

  36. Mr. Chad Johnson was my favorite speaker of the semester. He started off hilariously by being in his smart car driving through southbeach while skyping us. Aside from being the character that he is he also provided lots of useful information on social media, the NFL, and his own career. I was shocked to hear that his name change to Chad “Ochocinco” was for marketing reasons and that he made an extra 5-10 million dollars just from said name change. Another thing Mr. Johnson said that stuck with me was how Sargent-like Bill Belichick is,being a Giants fan, that was music to my ears.

  37. Out of all the amazing and entertaining speakers we had this semester, Cyd Zeigler. He was a great speaker who was extremely passionate about what he stands for without being overwhelming. The way he told his story and the stories of people he’s worked with was smooth and funny making it relatable at times. He was inspirational and his points were really eye-opening. It made me really happy to see such an improvement within the athletic world when it comes to sexual orientation.

  38. All the speakers that we had the opportunity to hear from this semester were really enjoyable. However, if I had to choose one speaker as my favorite it would probably be Jeff Pearlman. After learning about him in lecture I already had a positive opinion and respect for him, so when the class was surprised with a Skype call from him it was more than a little exciting. He had a lot of interesting things to say about his experience as a writer in sports media and in general. He had a lot of great advice and tips for students of the J school like myself. Not only was it informative but also hilarious, I didn’t want the class to end. It was also a bonus when I tweeted at him and he followed me back on Twitter. After my experience learning about him in class and being able to listen to what he has to say, I definitely look up to him as a journalist and have an immense amount of respect for him overall.

  39. My favorite speaker was definitely Cyd Zeigler. It’s refreshing to hear such an open, honest person in sports. There’s a misconception in sports that it has to have this macho, arrogant feel. Cyd brought in a completely different perspective–sports can be what we make it. This was by far the most interesting speaker to me because we got to see that softer side to sports–it’s about the people, the atmosphere, not always a score. The fact that he has worked with such high-profile people and is still so humble and driven made him captivating. I honestly learned so much from his talk and felt refreshed and energized after hearing all he had to say.

  40. Steven Baldizon

    One of the most flamboyant athletes of all time, Chad Johnson, was the greatest guest speaker of all time. I graduated from his same high school, I was born in his hometown, I am just bit biased in this matter. Even though Chad was driving he managed to be as crazy as he was on the field. He made everyone laugh and proved to be more insightful than I think anyone thought he could be. He really impressed me and I thought it was a great move for a surprise. A close second would go to Adam Schefter, but nothing beats seeing Ochocinco check out a woman or call the valet “thirsty.”

  41. I really enjoyed all of our guests because it gave us a unique insight into their lives and careers and what goes into their jobs. I would have to say my favorite was probably Pearlman. Probably the main reason he was my favorite is just because the stories he told of the interactions between himself and John Rocker were amazing. Adam Schefter was definitely a top guest just because I have seen him on TV almost Sunday morning during the football season for most of my life. Obviously Chad Johnson was really cool because he’s Chad Johnson. Chris Kluwe was also good because of his unique personality. I enjoyed all of our guests and was able to learn from all of them.

  42. Barrie Eisenberg

    My favorite speaker of the semester was unquestionably Jeff Pearlman. He has such a great enthusiasm about him with an incredible to tell stories. I thought he had some great, thought-provoking points and was just very interesting and entertaining to listen to. I’ll never forget his stories about John Rocker. I have been following Pearlman on his website ever since the Skype in class, and his opinions and interviews with people are always unique and entertaining. There is no question that I will continue following him, as well as most of our other guest speakers.

  43. I really enjoyed all of the speakers because they provided insight to all different aspects of the world of sports. Jeremy Foley was able to show us what it is like to be employed by the athletics at a major university whereas Ochocinco and Kluwe were able to tell us what it was like to be the athlete. Schefter was able to provide us with insight about what it takes to be a competitive and respectable sportscaster. He was able to provide us with anecdotes from working within the industry and the major corporation we spent the entire semester reading about.

  44. My favorite guest…hm that is a hard one. However, I would have to say it would be Chad Johnson, and that just simply because who gets to say they skyped CHAD JOHNSON? I have always been a huge fan of Ochocinco, so it really highlighted my semester in all of my classes. Not many people get to say they have skyped him, well any of these guests so thank you for the opportunities! I really loved how he gave us insight as an athlete and his thoughts of certain topics.

  45. For me, there were many entertaining guests, but Jeff Darlington will be the one that stands out the most to me. It may be due to his UF ties, and the amount of interesting connections that led to. I was not aware of the Channing Crowder hog story, but hearing the behind-the-scenes aspect of it was great. I especially enjoyed hearing how annoyed the scoop made older beat reporters when they saw Darlington. I believe Darlington is making a good name for UF, and he shows a path that many journalism students here can follow.

  46. My favorite speaker was Chad Johnson. Growing up he was an idol of mine and i was a huge fan because we played the same position in football and i really like the mentality he brought to every game. Many people thought he was a bad person to admire because of his actions, and since i hadn’t met him or did not know him it was hard to defend that part of their argument, but now i sort of can. He was very open an honest about everything we talked about in class including the Ray Rice incident. He was a very level headed guy, a very funny guy, and he wasn’t shy about telling anything to the class. it was nice to see that side of an athlete and especially one i had admired over the years. Seeing these qualities from Chad Johnson made him my favorite speaker of the semester.

  47. It’s seriously the hardest thing to choose who my favorite guest speaker was during this semester. I don’t think it’ll be possible to choose someone over Chad Johnson, but I also really enjoyed Mr. Foley, Jenn Sterger, Adam Schefter and Cyd Zeigler. They all brought such unique perspectives to the sports and media world, and their real-world experience was a great way for me to learn more about the industry I’ve chosen to go into. Plus, there’s the obvious cool factor. That’s why I had to pick Johnson as my favorite guest speaker. Not only does he have a ton of experience in sports and media, but he also was just such a cool guy to talk to. Also, the element of surprise was so much fun! I really enjoyed hearing him speak about both his experiences in the NFL and his life now.

  48. My favorite guest speakers were Chad Johnson, Jenn Sterger, and Adam Schefter. They were all so entertaining and funny and thats what made me enjoy them more than any others. However, if i had to pick one, I would say Chad Johnson was my favorite. He was hilarious and growing up I loved watching his touchdown dances. Ill never forget the time he scored a touchdown and then proposed to a cheerleader to celebrate. To be able to Skype him and see his personality and humor was just so much fun for me. Also, he had some insight into media and players situations that i loved listening to as well. Chad Johnson was definitely my favorite!

  49. Choosing a favorite speaker is like picking a favorite flavor of ice cream. There is no wrong answer because they are all amazing. However, if I had to pick I would say that my favorite speaker was Adam Schefter. I loved that it was a surprise and that it was someone who we all thought we would never be able to speak to. He is all over ESPN and is the best of the best. His enthusiasm was incredible. I loved that he genuinely wanted to give us advice and share what he does for a living. It was cool to see that he is down to earth and really focused on being the best reporter that he can be. He seems to be above the ratings game and just wants to get the best story.

  50. Chad Johnson was, by far, my favorite speaker. He seemed so personable and the fact that he was skyping up while he was driving a smartcar through South Beach just shows the type of person he is. He was hilarious and completely honest about everything we asked him about. But, apart from how outrageous he was, he was truly genuine and seemed very intelligent and passionate. I was laughing out loud the entire time we spoke to him!

  51. Ashleigh Elliott

    By far my favorite guest was Chad Johnson. He was one of the few guest we had that I have known prior. He seems so fun and you can truly tell that he loved he career in the NFL. The whole skype was such a surprise which made it even more memorable. I also respect the fact that he knows he’s done in the NFL and he wants to spend his time being a better father to his kids.

  52. I think my favorite guest was Adam Schefter. I really liked his work ethic and motivation to do the best in his job that he can. I also really appreciated how he talked about reporting and getting stories and how he would drop a story if it meant compromising a relationship or betraying someone. I think that shows a lot about his character and definitely aligns with hard working attitude he brings to his work. It was also very interesting to get some insight into what the life of an NFL reporter is like and how hectic and nonstop it can be. The NFL is definitely a huge machine and the news is pretty constant so working as a reporter causes someone to be on the watch for stories and news all the time.

  53. Although I enjoyed all of the guest speakers that came to Sports Media, I would say my favorite guest speaker was Chad Johnson. He was personable, funny, and quick witted, especially with all the weird questions that were thrown at him, and the personal shout out from a fan in class. The fact that he was skyping us from his car shows some hardcore commitment to speaking to classroom full of students. I think he had majority of the class laughing out loud for most of the session with the numerous comments he made. Overall Chad Johnson’s skype interview was entertaining and definitely one for the books.

  54. Personally, I really enjoyed the Skype session with Jeff Perlman. As someone who loves writing, I was drawn to his strong ability to tell a story. The way he related his experiences with John Rocker is something I’ll never forget. He was a great combination of funny and intelligent, which I think is the winning formula for great writing in any field. After hearing him talk I went back and re-read the Rocker story with his insider details in mind. I loved all the guest speakers we had, but Pearlman was definitely my favorite!

  55. Aditya Mahadevan

    Chad Johnson, by a landslide. He and Jenn Sterger were more candid with us than any other speakers and Chad really wasn’t afraid to say anything. He spoke about domestic violence and the censorship within the Patriots organization. Jenn was not afraid to speak her mind about Roger Goodell as a man and a commissioner. Chad wins by a slim margin because it was a #SportsMediaUF exclusive and because it was a surprise.

  56. Chad Johnson was certainly the most entertaining. It was interesting to hear the opinions of a player who has really “been there” He has an insight on the NFL’s current domestic violence issues, among others that others speakers simply don’t have. This in addition to his sense of humor and flamboyant nature kept me interested and the rest of the class as well.

  57. While I really enjoyed all of the guest speakers it is hard to beat Chad Johnson. That was probably the greatest way to end this class. We all know that he is a funny guy who has no problem voicing his opinions. He definitely showed us that when we Skyped with him. What I really liked about his discussion with us was the fact that he was willing to talk about his domestic violence issue. He was able to be very honest with the class and I really appreciate that. I also liked hearing about the different teams he played on and how censored he was with the Patriots. He definitely has some strong opinions, and he is going to share them no matter what.

  58. Harrison Haines

    Ochocinco was by far the greatest speaker. Not only was he super informative he was also super funny to talk to. Everything from him driving a smart car to the small jokes about orcas, he is by far the biggest celebrity we had and it was just really cool to get to know him as more than just his twitter personality. But it was also really interesting the things he had to say about playing for the patriots, and his opinions on other teams in the league. His opinion on the ray rice case was also very interesting, it was definitely cool to have that first hand perspective told to us.

  59. I enjoyed all of the guest speakers but my absolute favorite was Chad Johnson. OchoCinco has always been someone I enjoyed watching and hearing about. I love seeing him voice his opinions on twitter, so it was nice to get to see him do it through Skype. I appreciate that he is such a huge celebrity but still embraces the things he loves and does it with pride. Not many celebrities will talk to you about their love of orcas, shoes and smart cars. I also liked how he was very open with us and talked about his domestic violence issue. Chad was a perfect way to end a great semester and his humor really lightened the mood right before finals week!

  60. We had the opportunity to experience many great speakers but I would have to say my favorite was Chad Johnson. He was really outgoing and answered every question we threw at him. He was speaking from experience and made the Skype session very enjoyable. He shared great information from a player’s perspective, someone who was living the life of a professional athlete everyday. Chad is known for his outrageous twitter behavior filled with comedy and other entertaining words. However, during the Skype session we got to see another side of him. He was down to earth and honest with every answer. Whether he was responding to a domestic violence question (which he has been involved with) or talking about orca whales, it was honest. I give him a lot of respect for owning up to his mistakes. He explained that he stopped loving for 3 seconds and it cost him a life’s worth of work. I felt like the whole class was very interactive with him as so he was with us. His humor kept everyone on their toes and made it that much more entertaining.

  61. My favorite speaker that we had in the class this semester was Chad Johnson. I think he is a very respectable and well known athlete, so it was very cool to have him speak to the class. I also really liked how personable he was with us. Although it was a little dangerous on his part, I thought it was cool that he was Skyping us from him car because it showed us that he was taking time out of his personal day to talk to us. This shows that he knows that his talk with us would inspire many of the students, which i think that it definitely did. He was very funny, but he was also very honest with us, which i really enjoyed. This was a great way to end the class!

  62. I think my favorite was Jeff Pearlman – Chad Johnson was close but he didn’t offer the media perspective that Pearlman did. Pearlman seemed like a genuine, down-to-earth guy who wan’t afraid to say what was on his mind or report the truth – as he did with the John Rocker story. He was also funny and provided some cool insight and stories regarding the John Rocker story. Who would’ve known that Rocker was an asshole AND a thief? Another favorite of mine was Chris Kluwe because of some of the same reasons I mentioned Pearlman – he doesn’t care what people think. He was great in talking about the letter he wrote and it was cool to hear from him that he didn’t regret anything he did. Also, he’s not just some dumb football player, the guy is working with augmented reality since he’s been out of the NFL, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

  63. My favorite speaker was by far Chris Kluwe. I really appreciated what he had to say, and thought it was cool how open he was with us. I also really like the fact that he stood up for what he believed in, in order to support a fellow player. To me that showed that he was a genuine person. I also thought the concepts of cameras in NFL helmets was cool. All in all, he was a great guest.

  64. Chad Johnson was by far my favorite guest speaker. He was so entertaining and his humor kept the class laughing the whole time. Chad Johnson’s personality shows through media, but skyping with him was amazing because we were able to really capture his awesome personality. He was very open with us and answered all the questions we had. I think my favorite part had to be when the valet guy walked up and he closed the door said “valet guy is so thirsty for $20!” I died laughing. It was such an awesome surprise and experience. I was pretty excited to post on twitter and brag about my bad ass class and how we skyped with Ochocinco!

  65. My favorite guest speaker was Adam Schefter. No, it was not because I arranged it, but I learned so much more about him. I found it really interesting about his day by day schedule because I never had time to sit down and ask him questions. It was also hilarious that my dad was sitting next to him and we were talking the whole time. They were really nervous about the sound and if we could hear them. They were in my house too! It was weird seeing my home on a big screen in front of hundreds of kids. Everyone was also really surprised and loved it which made me really happy. That was the best part. The satisfaction at the end when everyone clapped for him and was hysterical when he wanted to stay through the next class. That was a great class that is unforgettable! So glad everything worked out!

  66. Jeff Pearlman was my favorite speaker in the class. I’m interested in sports journalism, and I thought he gave great and honest insight to what life as a sports reporter is like. He seemed very intelligent, incredibly knowledgeable of sports and humorous, specifically when he re-lived his run-ins with John Rocker. Before taking this class my perception of the various fields in sports media was very different from now having completed the class. Your lectures and all the guest speakers brought unique and valuable insight to each career in sports. Specifically, Pearlman’s reporting and storytelling showed me that sports writing can be more than simple play-by-plays, which you often read in the local sports section and online. He showed value in finding out the person under the helmet that scored the touchdown or home run. Pearlman is a true inspiration for sports writers today.

  67. Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has always been one of my favorite football players (and athletes in general) and I thought it was awesome that we got to Skype with him. I have his jersey from awhile back and he was always on my fantasy teams and I was also curious to see what celebration he would do next. Having said that, getting to Skype with him was a really cool experience. He is a really funny guy and he definitely did not disappoint me as he made me laugh quite a few times. He’s an overall good guy and the fact that he took time out of his busy schedule to Skype with our Sports Media class shows what kind of guy he really is. I always got a good kick out of his tweets, but when I actually got to hear him in person I laughed even harder. It was a great way to end the class and he was my favorite to Skype with.

  68. My favorite guest speaker would have to be Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. While we have had many great guest speakers throughout the semester, Ochocinco was personally captivating and happens to be one of my favorite people in sports. His personality is what sets him apart from the majority of other NFL players. I was incredibly excited when I saw that we were about to Skype Ochocinco during class. He is not only a very funny person, he has morals and values established in the way he lives his life. He made a bad mistake when he got himself involved with a domestic disturbance but has amended his wrongs and discusses his mistake with out feeling sorry for himself. I thought it was really interesting that he is fascinated with orcas and grammar. being an expert on shoes was not very surprising because many people, both male and female, are obsessed with different styles of shoes. I am truly grateful for the Skype session we had with Ochocinco, it was somewhat eye opening and a very fun experience overall.

  69. Chad Johnson was easily my favorite guest speaker. He was arguably the most prominent speaker we had all semester and in my opinion the funniest. He was extremely interesting to hear from because he has a reputation for being full of himself and loving attention because of the crazy touchdowm celebrations which football fans know him for. But in reality, Chad was just an entertainer and came across as a real down to Earth guy. And who would’ve guessed that Chad Johnson of all people loved Orcas?

  70. My favorite speaker had to be Chad Johnson. I always thought he was fun to watch and nobody was more dissapointed than I when it didn’t work our for him as of late in the NFL. He was funny, smart and gave us all kinds of insight into his life. He explained why he changed his name, his experience on the Patriots and his thoughts on celebrations today and celebration penalties. I love his obsession with Orcas and how he compared Bill Bellichick to the drill Sargent from Full Metal Jacket. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and that’s what I thought made him my favorite guest speaker. I’m not trying to take anything away from the other speakers, because I enjoyed them all. But I think Ochocinco took the cake. Probably because it was a nice surprise. Schefter was probably a close second though,

  71. My favorite speaker was Cyd Zeiglar, I had never heard of him before and now I won’t forget his name. I think the part I liked most about his presentation was how he wasn’t afraid to give the truth. Truth about his career, being gay, how he and others act in the sports world, etc. I also liked the visible passion that he has for sports and how he is breaking through barriers for gay men. He is breaking through barriers on and off the field; he is helping football players who are gay come out to their team and the world in a more comforting way and he is working against the stereotype that gay men can’t report sports as well as straight. He also gave present day news speculation that was going on and showed us his opinion on everything. Overall, he was very well prepared for the presentation and had personality, passion and intelligence.

  72. My favorite speaker was Jeff Pearlman. I liked our talk with him because not only is he a great writer, he is a personality. He is a storyteller and he really grabs your attention when he speaks. He also kept everything light with humor and in the seriousness of the media business, someone like that is an asset. The way he told his John Rocker story is one of the memories from this class that will stay with me throughout my years at UF. I also enjoyed Pearlman because he showed us what it was like being in the locker room and “showing up the next day”. His balance of humorous and informative was perfect for a guest speaker.

  73. What a tough question to answer. First of all, thank you for allowing us to talk with all of the guest speakers. My favorite would have to be Chad Johnson, though. He was obviously one of the top wide receivers in the NFL for a few years, but he’s an interesting man off the field. I feel like I had a one on one conversation with him. He was so personal, and didn’t sugar coat anything. He is a man full of character. On the field, he always entertained the crowd with a touchdown celebration. Whenever he talked with us, he showed another side of him. He mentioned how he can now focus on becoming a father, and being involved with his children.

  74. How can it not be Chad Johnson? The humor and the insight were unparalleled. I mean he is driving his super-powered Smart Car in the rain while Skyping us. He told us about his various expertise and diverse interests now. It game me, personally, into the person that he is and just the man that the media or league wants to perceive him. Some of his celebration ideas were wonderful, I might have to steal the one of those…

  75. My favorite guest was Chad Johnson. He was very upfront and candid with his feelings and interview. He wasn’t afraid to answer any of our questions and he definitely did not have a filter. His sense of humor kept things light and entertaining which made me even more intrigued in his interview. I loved how he wanted to focus on being a better dad, it showed how he has changed and is making progress for the bettering of his children.

  76. Michael Maldonado

    My favorite guest speaker was Chad (Johnson) Ochocinco. It was extremely cool to have had the opportunity to speak with someone who had a prominent career and is successful to this day. He was very candid and did not seem to mind talking to a class during his free time. It definitely was an awesome experience.

  77. My favorite speaker without a doubt had to be Chad Johnson. While many of the other speakers were very good, Mr. Chad Johnson brought a unique twist when he made his Skype appearance. The first thing that set Johnson apart was the fact that he was driving while Skyping. This, while evidently dangerous, definitely made his appearance more special. Also the fact that when he did make it on the screen, everyone in the entire classroom was beyond excited because he is just so likable. The best part though had to be when he checked out a girl on South Beach while Skyping and driving because only he would do something like that. Overall, he was my favorite/the best speaker we had this semester.

  78. Although Chad Johnson took the cake for the biggest surprise as well as the funniest, I think my favorite speaker has to be Cyd Ziegler. Before Cyd came to class, I felt like I wouldn’t like hearing what he had to say because of the extreme amounts of coverage on Michael Sam in the past year. Once he began talking however I was very interested, Cyd was a great speaker and had an extremely unique story that went way beyond sports. It was cool to hear how he is helping people overcome the same problems he faced, but didn’t know how to overcome.

  79. My favorite speaker this semester was Chad Johnson. He seemed more than happy to answer our question and was not afraid to talk about touchy subjects. It was nice to hear what his most creative touchdown celebration would be if he was still in the NFL. He also had some funny incidents while skyping like checking the girl out on South Beach and calling the valet thirsty. My two other favorite speakers were Adam Schefter and Jeff Pearlman.

  80. Jeremy Foley and Chad Ochocinco are my top two to pick from but I think Chad got the win on this one. I’m a student athlete so hearing Mr. Foley speak always gets me fired up to go out and do my best, but it was nice to sit back and have a good laugh with Chad. I loved watching Chad play because he made the game exciting and that’s the reason I enjoyed skyping with him. He made a lot of jokes and was himself, no faking it with him. Also, I have to throw Stephen A. Smith in there because his speech was great and I didn’t see his name up there. But over all Chad was the best pick to end the class with.

  81. This is a hard one to decide. It is a toss-up between Adam Schefter, Jeff Pearlman and Jeremy Foley. Each of them had very different stories to tell and they each caught my attention with everything they had to say. I respect Schefter so much more after hearing from him. He is such a likable person on TV, and he seems like he is the exact same person when he is away from the media. His stories about ESPN were funny and showed some good insight as to why he is so successful with what he does. Jeff Pearlman was hilarious and I enjoyed hearing from his side with the John Rocker story. He is also very successful in his profession, so it is great to hear from someone who knows how to succeed. And of course Jeremy Foley was a great speaker. His story on how he got started is very inspirational and shows that hard work does pay off. He proved that people can succeed in the sports world from wherever they start. I really enjoyed each speaker in this class, but these three stood out. Thanks for a great semester and giving us the ability to hear from every guest we had!

  82. First off I would like to say that I really enjoyed each and every speaker that we have had. All seemed very excited to be there and brought a different aspect of the sports media field to share with us. Having said that it is really tough between Jeremy Foley and Chad Ocho Cinco. Me being a student athlete here at the University of FLorida I’ve been fortunate enough to interface with him on a more personal level than the average student. However, it was great to hear him speak to the class and share what he does on a day to day basis becuase these aren’t the kind of talks we usually hear from him. I was really intrigued by the questions people asked and felt that I have that much more of an obligation to uphold the standard as a student athlete.

  83. It’s tough to say who my favorite speaker was this semester. While I got some laughs from Chad Johnson and Jenn Sterger, I do believe that my two favorite speakers were Adam Schefter and Jeremy Foley. Considering that I want to be a sports reporter and possibly do something similar to his profession, I gained a lot of insight from Adam when he spoke to our class. Next semester I plan on getting more involved with different news organizations and clubs on campus in order to build up my resume and create new connections in the media world. I also enjoyed listening to Athletic Director Jeremy Foley because I have been a diehard Gators football fan my entire life and after listening to him I have more respect for his job and everything he has done for the University of Florida athletic department during his tenure.

  84. My favorite guest speaker was Jeremy Foley. It probably would have be Chad Johnson, however my alarm did not go off that day so I missed him unfortunately. Jeremy Foley was very interesting because his position is one of the most important in the university. All of the athletic teams performance can be directed towards him. It is his responsibility to hire coaches and pretty much be the head boss of every team. It was interesting to hear how his days were and how tough it is during times of struggle.

  85. The two speakers i appreciated the most were Darlngton and Jeremy Foley, he insightDarlngton gave us was interesting and it seems tiring how they fly im all ove the place whenever especially at his inconvieniece. I have a good relationsip wit Foley so I knew what to expect from him. He first has to protect the brand of Florida which is what he will always do, no matter what question was aksed. Florida has been in athletic prominence for a while now and that is due to Foley and the support he prvides to each athletic field.

  86. Jeremy Foley was by far my favorite guest. It was so cool to have a conversation with such an influential part of the Gator Nation and especially Gator athletics. I really enjoyed hearing his perspective on the job and what kinds of things he does on a regular basis. It was very cool that he took the time to come talk to us as students. He certainly has the career track record to show us what kind of dedication it takes to move up in your career. We were lucky to have him speak.

  87. It is too hard to select a favorite because they all were amazing. Chris Kluwe and Cyd Zegler were really cool because of what they stand for and the fact that I am fighting the same fight for human equality. Chad Johnson was also awesome because I have been a big fan for so long. As a Cincinnati Bengals fan, I can say that there were many years when fans showed up just for the entertainment of Chad Johnson because the rest of the team was, lets say, not very good. I still even have his jersey before he became Ochocinco. Then, of course Adam Schefter, Jeff Darlington, Jeff Pearlman, were all great. I also appreciated the insight from female journalists like Tori Petri and Rachel Axon and what it means to them to be a female in a predominately male industry. Then of course the perks of being a University of Florida student, we were able to hear from the best AD in the country, Jeremy Foley. This class was just terrific. I could not have received this amazing experience anywhere else. Thank you Annelie and Professor Spiker for an awesome semester.

  88. Kane Ivers-Osthus

    Out of all the guest speakers we had this semester my was Jeremy Foley. Being a sport management major, having the one of the best athletic directors in the country come in an speak about his career was very cool. The way he talked about how he got his start, being a ticket sales manager to now being the AD of the same school is an incredible story. He gave some good insight on what it meant to be a good leader in an organization, and how to handle difficult situations in a professional manner.

  89. Jensen Mendez-Wu

    It is absolutely amazing the different speakers that Professor Spiker gets to come and speak with us. These people have been at the top of their respective positions yet all carry themselves so well and are so well spoken. I think if I had to give a favorite I would have to pick Jeff Pearlman. I still follow him on Twitter and I would have to say he was one of the most genuine speakers we had in the semester. Definitely a guy I would just like to hang out with and talk to. He was so sure of himself and what he does for a living regardless of who he insults. Rocker and Ditka both scare me and I probably wouldn’t have been able to continue if I were Pearlman. He is only a little bit ahead of Chris Kluwe whose honesty and strong moral compass made him one of the most interesting speakers we had. I felt like he was really just insanely intelligent and used his intelligence to advance causes he felt needed representation. For all those things my respect for him went through the roof.

  90. My favorite speaker would have to be Chris Kluwe. I really liked how he was completely himself and wasn’t afraid to write how he felt in his letter. The whole reason his letter went viral was because he was bold and honest in his writing. I gained a lot of respect for Kluwe when he said that he expects to return favor to the world by his writing and backing others up and if he needs help in the future, he hopes someone would do the same. This made me realize that he values what is right and wrong more than having a position in the NFL. I also thought the fact that he is trying to start reality TV in the NFL is an awesome idea and very ambitious of him. I think seeing football through the perspective of the player could be extremely interesting. From just the short amount of time we had with Chris Kluwe, I learned to never shy away from my personal beliefs and opinions. His views on life were not only respectable, but also motivating in a way that made me want to be the best person I can be, not letting others influence my ways.

  91. Nakaela Feagin-Hooks

    My favorite guest speaker by far was Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. Besides the fact that he is my celebrity crush, he is also one of my favorite football players. This is my senior year at the university. My teammates that took this class before me told me how the class was, always mentioned that there was a Skype call with Ochocinco. To be completely honest, that Skype call was a large factor into why I wanted to take the class. However, outside of my own personal investment with liking Chad Johnson, he was also my favorite speaker because it was good to hear from a professional athlete considering I want to work with athletes when I graduate. There is a different perception on athletes when you only see their lives. It was beneficial to hear who he is, what he likes, what he does and be able to ask him “once in a lifetime” questions to end the semester.

  92. my favorite was foley it really kind of gave me an insight into what happens behind the walls and helps me understand this new hire process

  93. Out of all of the speakers we’ve had throughout the class, my favorite has been Chris Kluwe. The fact that he stood up for what he believed in and lost his job because of it clearly shows the type of individual he is. That was very brave of him.

  94. Chris Kluwe has to be my favorite guest. He’s been one of my favorites for years with his incredible articles, so having him in class was great, even if he slept through the “Would you say that to his face?” reveal. I loved that even in person he didn’t really hold back, and the fact he took a shot at Darren Rovell’s obsession about branding.

    Really, all of the guests were great, though. They all brought knowledge and expertise to the table.

  95. My favorite guest speaker was Chris Kluwe. It was such a surprise because we were discussing and debating the letter he wrote and all of a sudden we hear we were about to Skype with him. I have a lot of respect that he was willing to lose his job over his beliefs and has no regrets to this day. I follow him on Twitter now and I love his tweets and his ability to insult people intelligently. I really hope his plans with augmented reality will succeed because I think that would be a really cool way to watch football.

  96. Joseph Kimber Jr.

    Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson was my favorite speaker because he was real on every topic and any question asked. He gave true answers and didn’t try to sugar coat things or make them politically correct. He was also very funny, hit on a girl mid-Skype call, called a valet guy “thirsty” and did it all from his smart car. Talk about versatility.

  97. My favorite speaker by far was Jason Cole. The way he conducted his speech was very insightful, in part, because he kept on us the edge, by quizzing us. In addition, Cole made his lecture to us “real”. For example, Cole explained to us that if we want to be successful in this field, we have to seek out reports, and not necessarily react. In addition, it was very interesting learning about the cross-country scandal, that lured him into the business. Although a bit arrogant, Cole truly showed us the art of the business, and has furthered my interest to pursue this field later on.

  98. My favorite speaker was Stephen A Smith. His talk was very interesting especially when he h mentioned how the future is in our hands and that we have to cease the opportunity, see what we want and go for it. Steal successful habits, accept it, embrace it and enforce it. Also, he touched upon many issues in life such as Spouse abuse is one of the main problems in the United States; however, the problem is that some people are ready to neglect it. However, we should start taking action to resolve these issues.

  99. There were definitely a lot of great speakers this semester – Jeff Pearlman, Adam Schefter, Jeremy Foley, Jenn Sterger, and of course Chad OchoCinco. My personal favorite was Adam Schefter because it was such an on-the-spot surprise that caught us all off guard and I didn’t believe we were going to skype with Schefter until he came on the screen. The fact that he was such a goofball of a guy and told such funny stories at ESPN with Chris Mortensen and the gang, he was just awesome to listen to. Talking to us how much ESPN is such a machine with everything they do, how he personally goes about his work with breaking stories and how is able to receive the amounts of information that he does – it was all very interesting. He talked about his alma mater of Michigan and gave his little take on UF. It was just a crazy surprise to skype with Schefter at 10 in the morning because you would think he’d be on SportsCenter talking about everything NFL. So he was definitely my favorite speaker and it was awesome that he took time out to do that.

  100. With so many influential speakers being able to join our class and share their insight into what it is like within the sports world, it’s hard to narrow down my favorite speaker to just one. But if I’d have to choose, it would be Adam Schefter due to how impactful he is on the sports industry, especially the NFL. Being able to Skype with him is a once in a life time opportunity that I’m lucky to have experienced. He shared a lot about his life and his daily activities to the class that I was not aware of before. Even giving us a look at what he does on a daily basis such as during a Monday with an NFL game at night. Being such a busy guy, he was still able to take an hour out of his time to talk to a class full of students who look up to him and his accomplishments, which I respect a lot. Overall, Schefter did an amazing job of giving us insider stories to important NFL issues that he knows most about which was pretty exciting to listen to and interact with.

  101. Bradley Khemrajsingh

    My favorite guest speaker is definitely Chad Johnson. He did everything from making the class laugh during the entire session to providing a different aspect (the athlete perspective) on what is going on in NFL recently (such as the Ray Rice incident.) Hearing that the players have to meet and learn how to handle themselves with the media was also intriguing. He also proved multiple times during the skype that he has a huge personality, often making jokes and making fun of the valet driver.

  102. I think it would have to be a tie between chad johnson and adam schefter. Both were extremely entertaining and seemed like they could talk to us for the rest of the day. Chad was so cool just because i think its hard to realize how loud of a personality he is without talking to him. He definitely proved that the same guy who always danced in the end zone is the guy who skyped us while driving. Schefter was so cool because he too is such a big name. I see him almost daily on tv and it was such a cool experience to talk to him like who was a normal guy. I loved every minute of Sports Media UF and wish we could extend it another semester! Thank you for making this class so awesome!

  103. Wow… What a class! This class was definitely the best and most fun class of the year, and the guest speakers is what really set it a part. My favorite speaker was Adam Shefter. He was the one that I can really point to that made the class. Chad Johnson was a close second place, and Jenn Sterger was third. What was great about Adam was listening to his life and what he does.

  104. All of the guest speakers we had this year really taught me a lot. My favorites were probably Adam Schefter, Jeremy Foley, and Chad Johnson.
    It was extremely cool to here from Schefter, someone who’s considered a top insider with the NFL. It was intriguing to learn how he gained the trust of his sources, and thought that there wasn’t a story that trust was worth sacrifing for.
    Hearing from Jeremy Foley was definitely a highlight of this class. As someone who wants to go into collegiate athletic administration when I graduate, it was awesome to learn what Foley does in his day to day business.
    Finally, Chad Johnson has always been one of my favorite athletes. He is hilarious and does a lot just for the entertainment of his fans. Ocho Cinco, as many still call him, always tells it like it is.
    I really enjoyed learning something from all of the speakers we had this year, though.

  105. Robert Van Deering

    My favorite guest speaker this semester has to be Chad Johnson. The reason is I was totally surprised that he was going to Skype with us. That was just a great experience getting to hear him talk about different stuff like the NFL, CFL, grammar, shoes and orcas. Chad was also my favorite guest speaker because he was so relatable and also he was driving his Smart car while he was Skyping us. While driving he stop and said damn she is fine is which very funny. The entire conversion with him was relatable and hilarious. For example, when he was almost done with us he had a funny conversion with the valet man and said man I’m Skyping give me a minute and then proceed to tell us that the valet is thirsty for $20 dollars and the class just starting laughing. I think the class also loved the idea that he took the time to Skype with us because a lot of people were shocked.

  106. I enjoyed all the speakers, but recently my favorite was Kenton Olson. I used his interview as my Google hangout. It was as if I was talking to him right through my computer screen. But he really went into depth about the come up of social media and how important it is with today’s society and sports team. Finding inavadive ways to communicate with your fans on a level they can relate to was very clever. Thank you for everything this semester, it was an amazing class.

  107. This is a really tough question to answer since we’ve had so many great guest speakers. In terms of entertainment, Chad Ochocinco was definitely my favorite speaker. He was hilarious, talking about his expertise in grammar, orcas, and shoes and even calling his valet thirsty. The most interesting was probably Chris Kluwe. I knew about his story and conflicts with the vikings concerning the things he said about the media and lobbying for gay rights so I was interested to hear his side of the story on what happened. He was also very knowledgable in handling himself on social media. As for the guest I learned the most from, I would have to say Cyd Zeigler. I had no clue was Outsports even was before he talked to us, and the way he talked to us about how he handles helping gay athletes coming out and being a gay man in sports media was extremely interesting. I definitely learned some cool stuff about his site and what he does when he talked to us. All in all, this was a great year filled with some amazing guest speakers and I enjoyed them all. Definitely my favorite class this semester.

  108. This semester has been filled with several great guest speakers, but I think I would have to go with Kevin Hull as my favorite. I know we’ve had Jeff Darlington, Chris Kluwe, Ochocinco, and many more who were more than grad students, but there was just something so enjoyable about the simplicity in Hull’s powerpoint. He covered Katherine Webb, Jenn Sterger, and Brent Musburger in a really humorous way. And looking back it was probably one of my favorite topics covered as well. Just the idea of how prominent people in sports media are and the magnitude of their actions.

  109. I really enjoyed Jeremy Foley, Cyd Zeigler, and Chad Johnson. Each catered to a different set of issues in the sports world. Foley has one of the most stressful jobs at the university, and he spoke right in the middle of the football team’s downward spiral. His empathy and friendship with Muschamp was very clearly heard with his ‘stay the course’ mentality. It was almost like a character study, to see how he would handle himself as two of the worst seasons in recent Gators history unfolded. Zeigler had one of most interesting life trajectories I’ve ever heard, and I think the words of wisdom that Condoleezza Rice imparted, to not choose between two joys, but leave all doors open, is relevant to our time at this university, where we are developing and searching for opportunities. And finally, of course, Chad Johnson was downright entertaining. His blend of quick wit and colorful truthfulness could make him the football equivalent of Charles Barkley. The dangerous driving not withstanding, it’s good to see he’s happy in life after his less than ceremonious departure from the NFL. He seems like a good natured guy, and more so than perhaps any other athlete he seems authentic with the persona he conveys through social media.

    When this class started, I wasn’t certain how big the names would be for the guest speakers, but time and time again you guys came through with some of the best in the sports and media industries. The discussion sections were always engaging and thought provoking. Thank you for a fantastic semester.

  110. Hands down, my favorite speaker was the google hangout with Gregg Doyel. From start to finish, the Google Hangout with Gregg Doyel contained everything that I ever needed to hear about being a journalist. The main reason for that is my career path, up to this point, has been very similar to his.
    Like Doyel, I was hired to work in the sports section of the Alligator in my first semester on campus. And once that occurred, my ego magnified. It took a serious reality check for me to realize that I was pushing my friends away from me as I continued to brag about my early success.
    So I became silently proud. I still did my job to the best of my potential, but I never brought up what I was working on unless someone else initiated the conversation.
    When we talked with Doyel on Friday afternoon, he used a mere five words, just seven syllables that essentially summed up how I’ve been trying to act this past year:
    “Act hungry and act humble”
    I connected with him. I knew exactly where he was coming from because I had experienced it myself.

  111. I would say my favorite guest speaker was Jeff Pearlman. It was so interesting listening to him who was right there at that moment, right next to John Rocker, and heard all those crazy things that he had said. I respect his courage to reveal who he really is, even though the original purpose of the interview was to write a good side of John Rocker. Also, I really enjoyed listening to Cyd Zeigler, who was very enthusiastic and passionate about what he does, helping LGBT athletes. Overall, all the guest speakers we had were awesome people, and I would like to appreciate Professor Spiker and Annelie for making this class so amazing!

  112. My favorite speaker hands down was Chad Johnson! Not only was he my favorite speaker, but he’s one of my favorite football players also! He just keeps it real all the time, and you have no choice but to respect and like someone like that. Especially when he was talking about the car wash person. But that was my favorite person.

  113. Charles J. Lewandowski

    You forgot the ultimate speaker… (Drumroll………..) Jenn Sterger! Okay, I’ll be honest she wasn’t my favorite. But who can’t include her as a memorable moment in the class? For goodness sake, SHE is the one who released Brett Favre’s “you know what” to the public! That has to count for something in the scheme of things, right? But overall, I think Jeff Pearlman was extremely insightful. He gave some great insight into facing who you right about, whether it is good or bad, and hearing his take on John Rocker is something I will not forget. That was the type of speaker I was expecting to get in the class, and it made me super happy I had a chance to see him speak as a normal guy instead of simply reading his articles/ books. Overall, amazing class. I wish I could take it again.

  114. My favorite speaker was Cyd Zeigler because he seemed to be the most open with us about his journey and his life. He also gave such a compelling speech to the class, that I wasn’t bored once throughout. I though he just had a really nice way of presenting and speaking to all of us. He also seemed to be so accomplished in areas that I have so much interest in. He used to be an executive for the Disney channel and Disney is where I would like to work when I get out of college. I
    think you guys should bring him back every single year because I got so much out of his talk.

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