Thanks to Chad Johnson

BIG thanks to Chad Johnson for Skyping in today (on his way to South Beach)… Hope you were surprised… Feel free to weigh in with thoughts here. –TS


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  1. I thought he was wonderfully candid, especially in addressing domestic abuse in the NFL, taking full responsibility for his part. He’s always come across as audacious and at times a little brash, but his demeanor during the call reflected what many perceived throughout his career: he is a kind-hearted guy that skillfully adopted a persona to increase his brand power. It’s interesting how he noted the difference between Richard Sherman and himself. I think Ochocinco’s antics were often considered playful, and while they may have drawn some penalties and even some fines, I don’t believe any of that approaches the level of venom and division that are Sherman’s rants. One thing I wish I could have asked him was whether he intends to get into broadcasting eventually. He has always been a showman. I remember during the Pro Bowl one year way back he served as the NFL Network reporter throughout the week. I think his quick wit and huge personality would translate well to the booth.

  2. Orlando Prescott

    And the last day of class did not disappoint. Chad was an absolute riot. It was funny to here about the touchdown celebration he never got to. It was interesting to hear his take on Richard Sherman and his fighting the hand that feeds. I am also glad he was open enough to talk about his past regarding domestic violence and his take on Ray Rice. From a recruiting standpoint, Chad made a great point how the wide receiver talent from the state colleges has dropped off over the past few years. It was quite humorous to hear him speak on his profound obsession with orcas. I will definitely be seeking his advice on shoes. Don’t Skype and drive kids.

  3. Charles J. Lewandowski

    Chad plain and simple is the man. He is not a writer, but he is 110% man. He did not hold back on any topics, even personal problems such as the situation with his wife. He seems to live the life he wants to in his heart. He does not do anything for anyone else, except maybe for his kids. I hope more athletes strive to be like him. Athletes, like all normal people, make mistakes. But staying true to your fans and yourself is the most important quality, and he does that everyday of his life. I hope he lives out his goal to be a good father to his children (I don’t doubt that he’ll do a great job), and finds more ways to be in the world of entertainment. Today was a perfect end to this fun-filled semester.

  4. Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson is hands down one of the most influential and intelligent athletes that I have witnessed. It’s not what he says, but more of what he does, that I respect the most. He tests the limits and isn’t afraid to question the unknown. And I am to the moon and back glad that he spoke the truth about the NFL and what it is really like to be a professional football player. So many times people only see the “fun” that comes along with the ride, and they miss the bigger picture. Also, I believe that his freedom is and was fueled by the tight grip that the NFL tried to put on him. Such as Jason Cole said when he spoke to our class, these players know what they are doing; It’s just they’re reaction to being fed up with being exploited. On the other hand, It’d be interesting if OchoCinco one day creates an outlet such as Derek Jeter for athletes to not only express themselves, but discover who they are.

  5. I’ve always been a fan of Johnson and when I registered for this course, I had heard that you’ve skyped with him before, so entering the last day of class I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have a chance to speak with him, and then boom a great surprise. What I like about Johnson is how smart he is. He’s very well spoken and speaks him mind, which I think is a little bit of a lost art in today’s age when it comes to athletes. Everyone is so cautious of what they say, but I like athletes like Johnson who don’t necessarily have a filter. Overall, I’m glad we had the chance to speak with him and ask him question on different topics.

  6. I was so surprised when we started skipping Chad Johnson. Johnson is one of the most well spoken, hilarious personalities to recently play in the NFL. He still has a big impact on all of sports media even though he is no longer on any sports team. He found out how to use the media to his advantage, he used twitter in a way that no other player was doing at the time. I thought it was very funny when he was talking about how New England put a filter on everything he put out just because thats the kind of organization that New England is. I also loved that fact that he called us from his smart car and got in a small altercation with the valet on SoBe. I am so happy that Johnson did speak to us. He was definitely one of my favorites out of the great guest speakers that we have had.

  7. Aditya Mahadevan

    Chad Johnson was exactly what we expected him to be. It was nice to see that his on-field persona throughout the 2000s wasn’t just a character. He really understands that the NFL is not just a business, but a part of the entertainment industry. He knows how to market himself better than almost any athlete in history, between his antics and his name change. He was very open with us, willingly speaking on his past and his domestic violence issue last year while with the Dolphins in training camp. He spoke freely on the censorship of the New England Patriots and how he fit in there. He is hilarious, yet at the same time fairly professional and it was the perfect way to end a great semester.

  8. Caitlin Allweiss

    Chad Johnson was awesome. He was such a cool guy, and definitely one of the funniest speakers we’ve had. I was so surprised when he came up on Skype. Everyone sitting around me and I thought it was going to be Erin Andrews. He seems like a down to earth guy. I liked how he was so open he was with us and how he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. I couldn’t stop laughing when he he was talking about the touchdown celebration he wanted to do with the easy button. I think he markets himself very well. The moment he came on the screen and everyone cheered just shows how so many people respect him as an athlete and as a person. He was by far my favorite speaker we’ve had, and I wish the best for him!

  9. Simply put, Chad Johnson is the man. Although maybe not the greatest advocate of safe driving, he offered some great advice and provided some interesting insight as to what a player can do in the media. It was pretty cool hearing how he didn’t really care about the league’s rules, having been slapped with some fines in his playing days. One line I specifically remember was, “I don’t regret anything I’ve every done. I made the game fun.” Isn’t that what the game of football should be about? Also, I learned that he is an expert in orcas, shoes and grammar. The man needs to come back as a coach or something. His influential and likable personality would be refreshing in a league full of stiffs and sticklers. Also, let’s hope his “that was easy” TD celebration is done by someone because that’s too good of an idea not to witness.

  10. For the way that Chad Johnson is generally perceived, he appeared very down-to-earth when talking to us over Skype. It seemed apparent that much of what he does is for the publicity. He knew that during his career he needed to act out to create his brand, even the negative publicity was good for his career. Seeing as he really cares about grammar and spoke well, he seems to try to appeal to a wider population by being “crazy” to draw fans in rather than showing that he is intelligent.

  11. I really enjoyed skyping with Chad Johnson. I’ve followed him for a while on Twitter and understand the type of carefree guy that he is. I think the world of sports personally needs more people like Chad. The leagues have a monopolistic power of over its assets (players) and I personally think a bit of outspokenness is healthy in the realm of sports. I found it awesome that he’s a big fan of proper grammar because people think all athletes are generally unintelligent. He redefines this notion brilliantly.

  12. I really enjoyed skyping with Chad Johnson, I thought he was a cocky outspoken player but after we skyped with him, my perception of him has changed! He was awesome, and so hilarious. I was so surprised how much he knew about social media and how it works and I really like the way he handles himself, and how he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. I thought it was really interesting when he said the NFL is very strict and you have to wear a certain outfit and act a certain way, I didn’t know it was like that. This was the best guest speaker we had all semester!

  13. Chad Johnson was amazing! I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the Skype session! I had this image of him being a complete asshole but that Skype session completely changed my mind. I really enjoyed how down to earth he was and how he took the time to answer our questions, even though he was clearly going to meet with other people. I really found it interesting when he said that the reason the Patriots are so successful is because of how much control they have over their players.

  14. I really enjoyed his stance on Janay Rice standing by Ray’s side. As someone who has experienced this situation himself, Chad knew what it was like to be the aggressor in the situation. Society labels women who stay as someone who is weak or trapped, but Chad’s view is that she loves him through better or worse. Chad’s side of the story shows insight into what happens in those dark moments of domestic violence. It was very enlightening to hear his side of the story because that usually doesn’t happen. I also appreciated his dedication to skyping us. Not only skyping while driving (#dangerous) but telling the valet to hold on because he was skyping. Chad seemed like a very welcoming and accommodating person. I might just take him up on the offer for fashion advice.

  15. Following Chad on twitter, you get a good feel for who he is as a person and his interview/hangout on skype really shows he does a great job of putting his personality into his tweets. He is such an animated guy and seems to have fun with anything he is doing. When the valet guy came over and he said to us the valet is thirsty, i loved it. He’s such a funny guy and someone i would love to hangout with at least once. In Miami he frequents Davids cafe (per his twitter account) and i’d love to meet him there one day.

  16. Big thank you to Chad Johnson. This was a great last day of class, hearing from a great wide receiver, and definitely a influential voice on twitter. He was never a player to hide anything and his Skype session was the same way. All of these skips are great because we get to hear the guest speaker “unfiltered”. Seeing Chad exactly how he is, without having to take anything out for his team or the NFL’s sake (like during an interview). His take on the domestic violence problem in the NFL, especially with his incident, was very interesting. He knows the NFL has a large problem and the NFL officials are doing everything they can to cover it up. This entire Skype session was great and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it as much as i did.

  17. Best way to end the last class! Being able to Skype with Chad Johnson showed his personality through a different level. Although he was Skyping while in the car, it did show how much he loves his fans. He even downloaded the application just to meet with our class. Chad also composed himself really well when it came to topics regarding his past media issues and his plans for the future. He also seems to be like a very big family man since he plans to just spend his time with his kids now and play the fatherly role he wants.

  18. Stephanie D'Amico

    What a great surprise having Chad Johnson Skype with us yesterday! After hearing him speak to our class, I had to go find and follow him on Twitter. I was surprised to see just how actively he uses it too. He had great takeaways in class as well, along with his sense of humor. One point he made that stuck with me was that it may seem like something might work (such as J. Lo and Marc Anthony), but things break up. This is a great life lesson to understand as students: how a great thing can end. I guess that’s how it is for us and Sports Media too. Thanks for a great semester!

  19. Kacey McGuinness

    Chad Johnson was by far one of my favorite speakers this past semester. I really appreciate his honesty and openness with the class in regards to his experience with the Patriots as well as the demise of his career in the NFL with the Dolphins. He was so entertaining and was very humorous. I like how he said he wished he could coach the receivers at UF but he wouldn’t be good enough.

  20. I loved skyping with Chad Johnson. He was by far my favorite guest speaker or skyper. I thought his personality was extremely colorful and entertaining. He was honest, and humorous, and really gave great insight into his life and the struggles he has had to go through. I thought it was great that he sees spending time with his family as such a high priority. Even though it means putting his career on hold, he values his family more, which I really admire. I think a lot of people really look up to him, as an athlete, and tweeter. He has a lot of influence on a lot of people, and I think he definitely takes that job seriously. I would love to see him coaching at UF though!

  21. Sydney Vandroff

    Skyping with Chad Johnson was definitely the highlight of my week. Not only was I laughing almost the whole time because of how funny he is, I really do admire a lot of the things he said. I love how he wants to be a full time father now that he does not have football taking all of his time. You can tell he is very passionate and has other interests besides just football. As a big time athlete and celebrity, it was generous of him to take a couple of minutes of his day to make the days of all of the students in the class. He was honest yet entertaining so thank you so much Professor Spiker for setting this up for us!

  22. I follow him on Twitter and was pleasantly surprised with how well he shows his true self through social media. He talked about how that was why he started using Twitter in the first place. He wanted to show people he wasn’t the guy that the media was portraying him as and he is doing a fantastic job at that. I liked that he was so honest with us and that he was entertaining at the same time. I think my favorite part about the skype session was when he called the valet thirsty. Thats not something he could have planned to happen and it just showed that he really is funny and honest.

  23. Chad Johnson is my all-time favorite player and is the main reason I started watching football and became a Bengals fan. His antics were entertaining, but there’s always been more to him than that and I think that showed in our Skype conversation. It’s great to hear from someone like him, a person who is willing to go against the grain. He had a domestic violence charge of his own, so it was interesting to hear his opinion on Ray Rice and the NFL. Also, Ochocinco’s take on Richard Sherman showed that he did things in a playful manner, whereas Sherman is looking to change the NFL’s stance. Ultimately, Chad Johnson seems like the fun and entertaining guy that I watched on TV and talking to him was an amazing way to end an amazing class.

  24. The surprise Skype with Chad Johnson will definitely be one of the things I remember most about this class. It was nice to get a former players perspective on things. Chad was very open about his opinions. Not only was he honest with us, it seems he doesn’t hide who he is with his followers either. He told us one of the reasons he began using social media was to allow people to get a glimpse of who he really is and not just go off of what the media told them, and I think he has done a great job with that.

  25. Getting to hear from Chad Johnson was a great surprise. He loves to show his personality and has never been shy to tell people how he feels. It was very interesting to hear how he had to adjust to playing for the New England Patriots and not being able to engage in his normal social media habits. This was very difficult for him and probably took him out of his normal routine. Chad takes full advantage of social media to enhance his brand and create the image that he wants to portray to his fans. Along with his crazy antics, Chad always seems to throw in great insight that holds meaning about key issues in sports and the real world.

  26. What I love about Ochocinco is the fact that he is one of the few athletes who isn’t afraid to always speak his mind and say what he needs to say minus the criticism and or fine during his time in the NFL. Ochocinco shows that when you give an intelligent athlete a voice who isn’t just going to tweet or say something vulgar and unnecessary, you can get a real, personal look into an athlete’s life and the things they think and say during the season and in the offseason. Ochocinco was one of my first follows when I got onto Twitter, and is one of the reasons I stayed on in the early years.

  27. Austin Whitehall

    Having Chad Johnson as a guest speaker was a great surprise. He has been one of the biggest faces in the media over the past decade in the NFL. It was awesome to hear the type of person Chad is, in that type of setting. He was a laid back guy who was extremely hilarious. I thought it was awesome how open he was to answering questions and made it one of the best Skype’s we’ve had all semester. I’m glad this class has given me the multiple opportunities throughout the year, to experience guest speakers like this!

  28. Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson was an amazing guest speaker. He definitely had a lot of insight regarding the social media world. Chad definitely follows Professor Spiker’s advice and “shows up the next day”. Chad never shys away from speaking his mind. I thought it was really cool how he was open to answering all the questions the class asked and was completely honest about it.

  29. The best thing about Chad Johnson is that he isn’t afraid to speak his mind or be assertive and I think that was displayed beautifully when he was arguing with the ballet guy while on Skype with us. What stood out to me the most though was him talking about how he approached football as fun and did what he did as an act essentially. People probably assume that he is arrogant and base it off how he celebrated touchdowns or how he carried himself on the field but in reality he’s not like that. Many professional athletes approach their respective games as a job, which is completely understandable because it is, but its a nice change of pace when there are some athletes that try to make it as fun as possible.

  30. Chad Johnson is the man. There is really nothing to dislike about him. Like many on here have said, he was sometimes perceived as cocky and selfish during his tenure in the league, but he was the exact opposite. He just tried to have fun while playing the game and tried to please his fans by making it as entertaining as possible to watch. He was one of the most dominant receivers in the league with Cincinnati and I think people thought less of him because of his celebrations, which is unfortunate. He never got in trouble with the law outside of the one incident, which I have heard him apologize for countless times and I really do believe he is sorry for. I wish he could have thrived in New England and won a ring, but I think he is satisfied with the way his NFL career played out. He seems like he is enjoying his new opportunities in life and that’s great. I think I speak for all of us when I say Ochocinco is missed on Sundays, putting the football with the pylon, proposing to cheerleaders, and draping the Hall of Fame jacket on his shoulders after touchdowns.

  31. My favorite Skype session all semester was with Chad Johnson this past Thursday. I thought he was so entertaining and informative. He had my laughing the entire time. I thought it was really cool how he is excited to be a full-time father and take care of his kids and wife instead of play football. Another thing I found humorous was the fact that he drives a smart car. I thought his idea for one more touchdown dance with the “easy” button was strategically planned out and definitely something I could see him doing. I was also extremely surprised about he obsession with orcas. I liked how Chad was completely himself throughout the Skype session and in life in general. I can tell that he doesn’t try to be someone that he is not and he stays true to himself.

  32. This was a great surprise to have the last day of classes. Chad Johnson, one of the most entertaining athletes there has been. It was only fitting he was Skyping while driving a smart car on the way to lunch in South Beach. He shared some great stories about touchdown celebrations and the effect twitter has had on athletes brands/lives. He also had some “Chad” moments by sharing stories about his whale obsession or by noticing the girl walking by on South Beach. This was a great Skype guest and I am very glad this was able to be set up, thank you guys.

  33. Jared Blinderman

    Chad Johnson’s appearance epitomized “save the best for last.” I loved listening to him for his humor and insight on the NFL, specific organizations he played for, and his thoughts about if he was still playing. I thought Chad’s Skype session was particularly interesting because I’ve been following on multiple forms of social media for a while and I finally feel like a lot of the content he publishes makes more sense now. Since the Skype, reading his tweets and viewing his Instagrams reminds me of class which is pretty cool. Chad hit on all the “Chad” things you’d expect if you were familiar with his twitter profile. Smart cars, South Beach, Orcas, fashion, etc. It was a great time.

  34. Chad Johnson’s class appearance was a great surprise. The fact that Chad is one of those celebrities that we can reach out to through social media is good branding. Johnson is always on social media and says what is on his mind which people love to see and be a part of. Johnson’s humor and real talk is what makes him like-able to the fans. I like how he brought up his domestic violence issue that he took full blame for. He spoke to us like we are real people and doesn’t let his stardom overcome him as a person. Chad also talked about his touchdown celebrations. He made the game seem like so much fun which at the end of day, it should be fun to play a sport and get paid for it too. His smart car was pretty cool as well. Thanks for the Skype!

  35. I enjoyed skyping with Chad so much. He was not what i expected him to be whatsoever. I was expecting a pretentious, self-centered, obnoxious, person. He was not. He was the complete opposite. He was humble, and honest,but most importantly, he was 100% himself. Skyping with him allowed me to experience agenda setting first-handed. He is the perfect example of how the media influences the perceptions of the audience. Now I see his humor as an amazing quality. It was nice to get to know his personality as he was by far my favorite guest speaker this semester.

  36. Skyping with Chad Ochocinco was definitely a huge surprise and one of the highlights of the semester. Most students studying the media don’t realize how big of an impact the athlete has had on the recent social media boom. After hearing Chad speak to us I realized that he is an expert on the use of social media and creating a brand. I personally believe that Chad made much more money during his career due to the use of social media and his ability to market himself.

  37. Let’s just start with “what a surprise”. One of my favorite NFL football players live on Skype? Thats crazy! What a funny and well spirited person. Chad Johnson ,aka Ochocinco, was by far the coolest speaker we have talked to in class. I like how he isn’t afraid to say what is on his mind. Not only is he a great football player, he is an all around great man who puts family first and career second. He is a great role model for anyone. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to talk with him.

  38. There is a reason for Chad Johnson being No.1 on CNBC’s most influential athletes in social media list. While Chad considers social media as a great platform to give out opinions and show real personality, it is insightful that he pointed out the importance of the entertainment value of messages delivered via media. Similar to the key issue underlies topics on which the class has been discussing throughout the semester, Chad’s opinion reveals the business nature of the sports world where an athlete may commercialize himself more efficiently with the help of social media. On the other hand, Chad apparently understands that social media can be double-edged. Talking about the recent issues about the NFL, he indicated that the mistakes of athletes who are expected to be role models can be magnified by social media, which demands athletes to understand how social media works and be aware of the possible consequences of their behaviors.

  39. As one of the only athletes who isn’t afraid to give their own unfiltered opinion, I wasn’t surprised to hear some of his comments on issues surrounding sports today. One comment that stood out to me was Chad’s thoughts on Richard Sherman. Chad was right, he never was so critical of the league. Chad was outspoken during his playing years purely for entertainment and was not trying to raise social awareness of the NFL’s double standards in the fashion that Sherman is speaking in 2014. I was also especially impressed with his explanation on the thought behind his name change and the financial benefits that came with it. Its also very rare for someone who has been retired for years to stay relevant without a scandal, or being a part of the media. Chad has managed to stay in the spotlight, and I think it is partly due to his activity on social media.

  40. I was really surprised with how level headed and kind Chad was in class. He was really willing to go the extra mile and told us if we need anything either call him on his number or tweet him. I think he is a part of some really great causes as well including helping save Orcas. He was very humble and happy with his life and I am glad that he is taking off from football for a while to be a dad and spend a lot of quality time with his kids, which is very difficult to find in professional athletes today. He was probably my favorite guest speaker mainly because of his jokes and how he originally began Skyping the class when a whole class mass tweeted him and he said he would gladly talk to them.

  41. Skyping Chad Johnson was one of my favorite classes throughout the entire semester. He was such a funny guy and I don’t think I have laughed harder. Not only did he give us information about his life, but also made great jokes. He was able to laugh about how many fines he received as well as how him and TO were the reason for the strict excessive celebration rules. I enjoyed how he was driving while skyping so we only saw his head or his eye. Overall, I think this was a great Skype session to have during the last day of class. Thank you for everything you both have done during this semester, Professer Spiker and Annelie!!! It was by far my favorite class I have taken thus far at UF.

  42. Brandon Krumins

    Chad is a very interesting character and one of my favorite receivers that I watched while growing up. He is very comical and even funnier than I thought he was. I am glad to see that he changed his name back to Johnson from Ochocinco. It was pretty cool that he told us about his touchdown celebration ideas that were never put to use. The Talladega Nights one may not have been so great in my opinion, but I do like the idea of the Staples “that was easy” button. I never expected Chad Johnson to say that his specialties included Orca whales and grammar. If he is one that takes a pride in how language is presented, maybe someone should tell him 85 in Spanish isn’t ochocinco. I’m also glad he has swimming with killer whales at the bottom of his bucket list, as it seems to be a dangerous desire of his. Chad was very friendly and open to answering questions and providing us with some insight to who he is off the football field. I enjoyed listening to such a big star and thought it was one of the more memorable experiences I have had this semester.

  43. Although I am not familiar with him, but I think he is really great. He is willing to help us and gives really good advice. His has a great sense of humor and I think his ability to let other people like him is really great. His affinity make us cheer for him and applaud him. What is more, he is really clever that he knows how to answer the questions which some of the issues are very tricky. I think Chad Johnson is really great and I hope that we can have more opportunities to talk with him.

  44. Carly Ann Erickson

    Skyping Chad Johnson was one of my favorite classes throughout the entire semester. He was such a funny guy and I don’t think I have laughed harder. Not only did he give us information about his life, but also made great jokes. He was able to laugh about how many fines he received as well as how him and TO were the reason for the strict excessive celebration rules. I enjoyed how he was driving while skyping so we only saw his head or his eye. Overall, I think this was a great Skype session to have during the last day of class. Thank you for everything you both have done during this semester, Professer Spiker and Annelie!!! It was by far my favorite class I have taken thus far at UF.

  45. Chad Johnson skyping the class has been by far my favorite day of class this year. He was just too funny and made a lot of great points. He gave us a real insight on what it was like for him in the NFL and his real feelings. He talked about branding and marketing when he said his name changed made him around 5 million extra dollars outside of his contract. That was a crazy figure for me because I honestly thought it wouldn’t generate too much money just some attention on and off the field. I wish he would have talked about doing the TOcho show a little because I loved that show. He was a great guest and I hope he chooses to keep coming back to the class.

  46. Chad Ocho Cinco visiting to come speak and discuss with the class what his life as a ex NFL player was not only fun but interesting. His perspective on the new leagues rules and officiating shows how he finds issues with the new NFL policy towards the reprimanding of vocal and loud sports commentators. Chad Johnson talked about how he feels that a lot of speakers on ESPN are withheld from voicing their main opinion. He talks also about his respect towards the people who have truly spoken their mind like Stephan A Smith and Bill Simmons.

  47. Our Skype conversation with Chad Johnson was relatively relaxing compared to our previous speakers. In the past, serious issues such as child abuse, domestic violence, etc. were discussed which is good; but in addition to these issues, the conversation with Johnson was relatively light. Discussing orca whales, Johnson’s Smart Car, and other comical subject matters made the Skype call very enjoyable, and concluded our last class on a high note. Learning about how a previous class mass tweeted Johnson to get his attention is clever, and should be used to attract other sports media figures in the future!

  48. Alexander Thomas

    Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is one of the most influential players in the NFL. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind or stand up for what he believes in. He is incredibly level headed when dealing with sensitive topics, yet he is also incredibly entertaining and funny. He is an inspiration and example of how other athletes should act. I enjoyed how open and honest he was to answering any questions from the class. He was an ideal person for the last speaker in Sports Media.

  49. Chad most definitely did not disappoint. He was such an unbelievable wide receiver, but even more than that, he didn’t take anything from anyone, and his dedication to the game and sticking true to who he was definitely made him such an incredible person to talk to. I really respected Chad, and really enjoyed skyping with him. He was truly hilarious, and I loved the Smart Car, to be honest.

  50. Having the opportunity to Skype with Chad Ochocinco and discuss relevant topics within both the sports world and outside of it really helped me understand who Ochocino truly is. He is man who has suffered from a lot of adversity and made mistakes in his life but still manages to have a good time and poke fun at almost any situation. When he got into the argument with the Valet, I was laughing hysterically because of how funny and awkward it was. He skyped us as he drove his Smart-car through South Beach. That was an awesome experience as he discussed so many topics. Finding out how these Skype sessions is even cooler and I’m lucky to be a apart of one. Ochocinco is also a great businessman, which being a finance major allows me to respect him more. He makes sure that he can support his family and plans to spend a lot more time with them. I’m sure he’ll be back in the spotlight sooner then later as his crazy personality is great to watch.

  51. I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Chad Johnson. I can honestly say that upon skyping with him in class my perspective on his persona has changed and become more positive. Previously, he struck me as rather arrogant, conceited, and immature athlete. Based upon how he was often portrayed in media, I felt sure of this. However, during the skype interview he was so honest and lighthearted. He also shed a lot of wisdom and intelligence on the issues presented to him. In addition, he was honest about his own mistakes and gave great advice to we students in regards to chasing our dreams. It was a phenomenal surprise that taught me a lot about making mistakes and redemption.

  52. Jonique Simmons

    By far this was my favorite Skype discussion this semester. Not just because he was funny, but also because we got to see a different side of him aside from playing football. I love how he doesn’t care what the media perceive of him because he loves being original. What really caught my attention was when he explained his name change for marketing purposes. I thought it was really smart of him to do because the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete is how that great athlete go above and beyond to market his own brand.

  53. Love him or hate him, Chad Johnson showed a very respectable demeanor when faced with questions regarding issues like domestic abuse. He’s a big personality, but I saw from the Skype session that he’s kind of a down to earth guy driving his little smart car everywhere. Even though he doesn’t have much of a career left in the NFL, we can see that he’s putting that behind him and focusing on his family. I give him a lot of respect for that. I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Much love from the the #SportsMediaUF nation.

  54. Dominick Haynes

    I was wondering if we were going to Skype him or not. My friend who took this class last semester mentioned he did. I’m glad it happened. The reaction from the class was great and I thought the entire skype call was very enjoyable. Chad Johnson is a very down to earth guy in my opinion and likes to enjoy the life he has. His personality is hard to miss when talking to him. He has very respectable opinions on how he thinks about current events regarding the NFL and is not afraid to say how he is thinking. Hearing that tweets got his attention to skype to this Sports Media class a couple years back is awesome and goes to show the power of social media.

  55. It was such a pleasant surprise to see Chad Johnson skyping with us, and it was nice to see him give us his time and undivided attention for a bit. We got to see a side of him that is so different from the media perceives him as. I’ve always thought of him as someone with no breaks, and it was refreshing to see him take full responsibility for what he did and to see him moving forward and spreading love. All of his answers seemed genuine, and his explanation for his name change was genius.

  56. Dardley Charles

    I have to say, I think Chad Johnson was my favorite guest speaker we had this semester. I may be a little biased saying that because Chad is one of my all time favorite players, but he really was a cool guest. I wasn’t surprised when chad admitted to skyping us while he was driving through south beach, he’s always had that laid back, doest really care attitude. It was really cool hearing his thoughts on the NFL and their current problems with player conduct, especially since he’s had his share of NFL fines. I thought it was really cool that he wants to focus on being a full time dad. He really made it sound like it was something that was important to him. My favorite part was chad talking about his favorite touchdown celebrations and ones he never got a chance to do. I thought having the easy button hidden under the goal post was hilarious. I would of loved to see him pull that off.

  57. Chad Johnson was a great suprise in class on thursday. We see Chad on tv or see his tweets and think he is a really funny and charismatic but we actually got to witness it. Even though it wasn’t in person, facetime is just as good. It was also cool hearing his thoughts on the NFL and their current problems regarding, domestic violence, suspensions, fines, etc, since he has been there in some of those situations. I think its great that he is focusing on being a great dad to his kids, we all know how important that is for kids at such an early age, to have both there parents in there lives. I was happy i got to hear him explain why he changed his name because i had never known untill that day in class. My favorite response of his was when he described his two final touchdown celebrations he would do, CLASSIC!

  58. I loved hearing from Chad OchoCinco today. All semester I was wondering when or if we would even talk to him and I kind of lost hope/ forgot about. I was so excited to hear from him because as he explained he has always been a player that the public eye has perceived as arrogant. It is such a pleasant surprise to see that he is the complete opposite from that. He’s just a guy that loves his family, orca’s and smart cars.

  59. A big thank you to Chad Johnson for taking the time to talk to us. It just so happened to be my birthday, so talking with him was a great birthday present. It was a little worrisome that he was driving while talking to us, especially since he was driving in the rain. He is certainly a character. I really appreciated his honesty and insight in regards to Richard Sherman’s image and Marshawn Lynch’s fines. I wasn’t surprised that he said he respects Bill Simmons and Stephen A. Smith since they both speak their minds and so does he. I really admired that he said he’s going to focus on being a family man. I can only imagine how hard it is for athletes to be away from their families and how many milestones they miss.

  60. I was super surprised to see Chad Ochocinco skype in!! What a great guest to have! Throughout his entire NFL career all you heard about as a fan was how arrogant and selfish he was. However, from our interaction with him he seemed very genuine. I admired his candidness because it shows that he doesn’t pretend to be something he is not. It was awesome hearing from someone who is so involved on social media, which is a huge component to this class. He’s not afraid to say what he’s thinking which makes it a treat for all who are listening/reading. It’s nice to see athletes who actually stand by their opinions rather than hide behind agents or PR representatives.

  61. As I stepped into class and could barely breathe from being sick for two weeks straight, I asked myself why I came to class. This right here is the reason I always come to class. Chad Johnson is a perfect candidate to skype with. It truly was a treat and he had some informative insight that was raw and straight forward. I appreciate how honest and how fascinating his answers to some of our questions were. He was so down to earth, absolutely hilarious, and ultimately the best speaker we have had all semester in my opinion. I took away so much from our talk with him especially the part about putting everything to the side to finally be a father to his kids. We see day to day in the sports world how players act on the field. It’s nice to hear about the things off the field. The biggest impact he made was talking about marketing himself. Building your brand is something I will never forget.

  62. I was pleasantly surprised by Ochocinco, both with what he said and the presentation of the Skype. He is definitely a lot smarter than I realized and incredibly skilled to be able to drive and video chat with us simultaneously. I liked his insight on the Patriots. Thinking back on it, I feel like he treated us like adults with his answers and gave us smart, honest thoughts. It made me happy to hear that he wants to devote his time toward being a full-time dad. He doesn’t appear to be bitter about his playing days coming to an end (in the NFL at least, not sure about the CFL), and it seems like he sees it more as an opportunity to spend more time with his kids. I respect him ten times more now.

  63. Ochocinco was awesome. He was very polite and well thought out, he answered every question to his best ability and did not shy away from the tough ones. He kept it semi-formal but also seemed truly interested in our class and the topics we covered. I fully enjoyed the Skype session and am glad we got too do that!

  64. Chad Johnson was an absolutely fantastic guest speaker. Not only was he a very colorful character, he was also very well-spoken and honest when answering questions. I think it was hilarious that he was so nonchalant about the fact that he was Skyping us while driving through South Beach. I believe that he answered all the questions to the best of his ability and as honestly as possible which deserves a great deal of respect. By far the best Skype session of the year.

  65. I really enjoyed the surprise skype session with Ochocinco. I love how outspoken he is and that he stays true to his sense of humor, even if it meant picking up a few fines along the way. His “one more” TD celebration dance would have been fantastic. He was hands down my favorite guest speaker we had this year, even if it meant he was skyping while driving a car on South Beach (aka real dangerous because Miami drivers are the worst). I wish him the best of luck on being a full-time dad for the first time.

  66. Manuel Fernandez

    Chad Ochocinco is THE man. He is the quintessential example of a branding success. He arguably branded himself just as good, if not better, than any other athlete. In the Skype chat we had with him he even admitted to having made somewhere between $8-10 mil just by changing his last name from Johnson to Ochocinco. Not only was he a pioneer in social media with respect to athletes, he was one of the very first guys to take on the behemoth that is the NFL. That’s why people (myself included) somehow find ourselves rooting for the guy. There’s a reason he has 3.6M followers on Twitter. He is a colorful character with a unique sense of humor (which includes attempting to pick up women on South Beach from his smart car) that make him a fun guy to talk to. The Skype chat with him was my favorite moment of this class by far.

  67. Chad Johnson might have been one of the coolest guys I’ve ever been able to listen to. His personality and character is something I’ve hardly ever seen before in someone. For him to take time out of his day to speak with us is so appreciated by everyone in the class. I thought his most interesting point was when he talked about Richard Sherman and how he sort of trash talks the league as a whole. Chad claimed that he would only taunt the opposing city during the week of the their game. Both the person and player of Ochocinco are a rarity in today’s sports world, as we see guys who won’t even talk to the media, and guys who simply aren’t good at speaking in front of a microphone.

  68. Throughout this semester, Chad Johnson was my favorite speaker. I really liked how open and honest he was with all of his answers and his experience with the Patriots too. It was very funny and an entertaining experience.

  69. I heard rumors that previous classes before had spoken to the infamous Ocho Cinco, but I never really believed that our class would have the opportunity to do so. Chad Johnson has been one of my football idols ever since I was a boy. Not only did he dominate on the field for the majority of his career, but he hands down, was the most fun athlete to watch play (and celebrate) for almost a decade. From “Child Please” to “Kiss the baby” to all the different and eccentric TD celebrations he had, Johnson was in simplest terms FUN.
    Getting the chance to hear him speak as well also impressed me with who Chad is as a person. Not only was he extremely charming, humorous, and witty, but he carried himself in such a way that was so admirable. When asked about the domestic violence dilemma in sports today, he spoke on it in his truest words, owned up to his mistake, and has learned from it ever since. Also, it was apparent that his name change from Johnson to OchoCinco was solely about marketing himself and his brand (got an extra 10-15 million dollars from it), and not an egotistical maneuver like many thought. Johnson was extremely caring, funny, and full of great knowledge. Thanks to Spiker and Annelie for ALL the opportunities this semester! You both are so amazing!

  70. Chad Johnson has always been one of my favorite players in the NFL. I love the way he plays the game and carriers himself as a person. He has a big ego but I think that’s not a bad thing. As a player in the NFL, he has reached the highest level of competition, so he has somewhat of a right to be a little cocky. I always liked him, but seeing him on HBO’s Hard Knocks made me absolutely love him as a player and a person. He has such passion for the game and the mindset that no one can stop him. Although he still isn’t playing in the NFL, I do follow him on Twitter because it is cool to see what he has been doing since his time out of the NFL. His trash talking is always so much fun to listen to whenever there were sound bites of him from games. When I watch my favorite team play, the Baltimore Ravens, and I hear Steve Smith Sr. trash talk, it reminds me of Chad Johnson. They both walk around and play with a certain swagger that I love.

  71. Alexandra Booth

    Skyping Chad Johnson was probably one of the best surprises in this class. Not only did he provide some great insight into his social media use and the reason behind it, he was wonderfully candid and very funny. I like how distinct his personality is and the way he talked about shoes and orcas with such passion, along with the love for his family. He also had some good things to say about issues that have happened in the NFL that we have covered, like Ray Rice. I would love to here more analysis from him on other issues.

  72. Literally the best way to end a class I have ever seen. He had some really interesting things to say on top of being hilarious and passionate, and my family freaked when I told them what we did in class. I also would love to hear more from him. What a cool thing to do in class. Skype surprises were my favorite thing!

  73. I’ve been a Steelers fan my entire life, so naturally I didn’t like Johnson too much when he was playing–even though he did nothing against Pittsburgh. Regardless, I don’t think anyone has benefited more from the rise in social media than Johnson. When he was playing, the only outlet he had was the media, which could take his over-the-top actions anyway they wanted. Hearing him speak from his own perspective and reading his tweets shows he’s a lot more cultured than people make him out to be. He’s still managed to stay relevant even though his career could have ended very badly from his incident. I can only imagine the type of receiver recruits the Gators would pick up in the very unlikely chance he would ever be considered for receivers coach.

  74. In my opinion, Chad Johnson was the most exciting guest speaker we have had in class so far. Not only was it a GREAT surprise, but it was also an insightful experience. Although it may have been a bit informal compared to past speakers, we gained as much knowledge as we did with past guests. Watching him drive his smart car to South Beach and listen to his jokes and wittiness was absolutely hilarious. I love Chad’s honesty and forthrightness- no lies whatsoever and simply the truth. Many have a certain image of him from his infamous social media posts, but getting personal insight on his life really can change one’s perspective. He’s a great guy and I could tell he really enjoyed speaking to us and I think that made the entire class extremely happy.

  75. Chad Johnson is known for his candidness so his candidness was not a surprise, what was a surprise to me was his thoughtfulness. He is obviously known to be outspoken and wild on the field, and he was the same at times during the Skype, but he was also very self-reflective on the mistakes he has made and provided great insight into some other things currently going on in sports.

  76. Skyping with Chad Johnson was the perfect way to end this class. He is a great example of someone who takes advantage of social media and sports media to help build his brand. I thought he was hilarious but also very serious and honest about his past with domestic violence with his wife in relation to Ray Rice’s current situation. I thought he had great opinions on all current NFL topics. It was a very memorable way to end my favorite class ever!

  77. Just like many other have said in this post, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson was my favorite guest speaker we talked to because of how open and honest he was with everything. How many celebrities would skype a class WHILE they’re driving on South Beach? I bet not many. That’s what I love most about Chad Johnson was how much of a people person he is and it was refreshing to see his real personality off the field. He was always entertaining on the field and I actually gained more respect for him after we skyped him because of how knowledgeable he is about the things we talked about. Johnson definitely used social media to blast his brand to a new level and he’s such a personable guy that it’s hard not to like him. I used to view him as a cocky SOB on the field, but I appreciate him more after having the chance to talk to him. As much as I would love to have him as a receivers coach here at UF, it’s probably not realistic based on the way he spoke about wanting to be a father and wanting to relax away from football. Thanks for all the guest speakers this semester, I really enjoyed all them and it made it worth getting up for a 9:35 class!

  78. Valeria Ascarrunz

    If I could hangout with ONE NFL player I would so pick Chad Johnson in a heartbeat. He’s cocky on the field but down to earth at the same time because he owns up to it and embraces it and accepts that he’s not the best but that he does it more for fun and entertainment and I can respect that. He was so nice and funny that I wish ESPN showed more of player’s as people and not just tv personalities or celebrities that aren’t approachable. Some players have more to offer off the field and I wish the public could see that more often. At least we can follow him on twitter which is why he even made his twitter.

  79. I really enjoyed listening to Chad Ochocinco in class the other day. He was one of my favorite players in the NFL. I thought it was really funny how he was face timing us while driving his car. Chad has done a great job advertising himself and was even able to get a show about him. I wish more professional athletes would be as open and honest as he was rather than just saying things for public relations. He was funny and nice and approachable. Face Timing with athletes really makes the class valuable even thought it is at 9:30

  80. The live Skype sessions that we have the opportunity to sit in is what makes this the most valuable and intriguing class that I have had since starting at the University of Florida. I feel that it’s important to spice up the class routine to keep students intrigued with the material that is being taught. Mr. Ochocinco was definitely the most entertaining Skype guest we have had all semester and I appreciate the time he took to speak to us and answer our questions! Thank you Professor Spiker and Annelie for setting that up!

  81. That was awesome! He was very fun and funny. He was also very real with us. That was a lot of fun and was educational to see about sports media from the perspective of an athlete.

  82. Getting Chad Johnson on Skype might have been the best surprise of the whole semester. Chad is one of the most down-to-earth and friendly people out there, let alone professional athlete, and the guy was hilarious. I really appreciated the fact that he touched on the topic of grammar, because being such a huge role model he realizes he has the opportunity to set a positive example and does so very well. This was the perfect ending to a great class, and it gave us an opportunity we would’ve never otherwise had, so thank you for setting this up. Also, I will be dedicating the rest of my life to ensure the safety of orca whales.

  83. Spiker I love how your powerpoint had a “mistake” in it so that you would have an excuse to black the projector and be able to make the Skype call without us knowing. But yes, Mr. Johnson was awesome. I loved how he was literally driving while talking to us? Such a Miami thing to do? And the funniest thing that I thought he had said was in response to somebody’s question about another touchdown dance he would do. The fact that he considered having a “That was easy” button underneath one of the goal posts is hilarious. I would have loved to see that happen on television. “And there goes Chad Johnson with another touchdown reception. Oh wait and he’s going towards the goal post where he as a red button. And he’s pressing it!” THAT WAS EASY.

  84. The Skype with Chad Johnson was epic. The last day of class and I had a chance to see one of the best to ever play the game on Skype. It was a cool experience because before this class, I saw that Chad had Skype a class here at UF on twitter. My thoughts on the matter was I wish I could be apart of it. It was cool to be apart of it this time and now I have something to brag about. Chad has a personality that is loud but also he has humor. Did not know Chad was big on grammar. I wish Chad was still playing in the NFL. The man is entertainment. I wish the best for Chad and his future plans.

  85. Mackenzie Gusman

    Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson!! The man. From the second he appeared on the big screen with his enormous white grin, I knew we, as a class, were in for a good ride. Skying an entire class while driving his smart car (with a high-boost engine) to South Beach (only 30-45 minutes from my house), who knew?! “Oh dang…She fine! Sorry, I’m in South Beach.” Hahahahha, he is such a trip!
    He began by letting us know that in his past, people often portrayed him as cocky or arrogant. But, with a good head on his shoulders, he has never allowed people to “ruffle his feathers;” he never cared what others thought about him. Unlike most people, I admire his confidence.
    He then spoke about the many perks of social media, especially Twitter. He truly opened my eyes to the world of social media by proving that it is indeed a remarkable way to show the world your true self. He tweeted anything that was on his mind, which showed a sense of genuineness and truthfulness. He never had to fake it till he made it!
    It was really cool to hear what he would like to do with his life now that he does not have a career in football. He stated that he wants nothing more than to be a full-time father. He wants to be able to give his wife a break. I can’t imagine raising kids without knowing how it feels to dress them every morning or take them to school. I’m sure he can’t either, but now he has the opportunity to! When he talked about being the best dad he can be for his kids, my heart merely melted. Coming from somebody whose dad spends every waking moment thinking about his kids and loving them and caring for them more than anything, I can relate to his kids. Chad Johnson is a great man, extremely down-to-earth. He took the time to answer all our questions. He was by far one of my top three favorite speakers, along with Cyd Ziegler and Stephen A. Smith (no particular order).

  86. I’ve never been a football fan per say. Sure I’ll watch them on TV on Sunday but only to pass the time, but I’ve always been a Chad Ochocinco fan! He’s the man, honestly. He is an extremely intelligent person and I feel he was never portrayed as such during his time in the NFL. I do respect him for wearing his grill during games he would play in and his antics were always witty and cleverly thought out. I just want to thank this Sports Media class, they bring sports to your dinner table for breakfast rather than just the front door; and not just the sports, you brought the players and controversies as well!

  87. Danielle Pechous

    Getting to Skype with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson was a great surprise! I think what made him such a great guest speaker was his one-in-a-million personality. He was extremely funny and was open with our class, which I appreciate. He didn’t hold anything back, which is the kind of person he is. I think he sets a good example for people to live their life how they want to live it, not conforming to what anyone wants you to be, and enjoy it. He’s the kind of person he is because he could care less about what people think, which is very commendable. I appreciated that he talked about the mistakes he’s made, and when asked what he was going to do now that he’s out of the league, he said he wants to be a good father and spend more time with his kids. This really melted my heart. I think this was a great opportunity for the class to get to know an amazing NFL player on a more personal level, which rarely ever happens. Now I’ll be able to say that I skyped with Chad Ochocinco, and that his specialties are orca whales, shoes, and good grammar, and that’s a lot more than some people can say.

  88. I really enjoyed skyping with Chad Johnson. The thing that stuck out the most to me was that he was very aware of the image and value that he carries now and carried when playing football that allowed him to be so successful. He took his great football talent and took that to the next level by creating an even better image and brand through his touchdown dances. His awareness of the potential he has to entertain people and create such a powerful image is definitely the reason that he has such a great image. Another example is his use of twitter. He is entertaining and funny and uses that on social media to further his brand and image even though he is no longer playing football.

  89. Huge shout out to Chad Johnson for taking time out of his schedule to Skype with our class. My favorite aspect about him is how carefree he is. I thought he was hilarious! The funniest part was when the valet came up to the car and Chad called him thirsty. He gave us some good insight on the NFL and an even better insight on life. This was definitely the best way to end the year.

  90. Mylika M. Anthony

    Skying with Chad Johnson was AMAZING! He was extremely funny and so entertaining. On top of all that I COMPLETELY LOVE HIM (But, that’s beside the point). Johnson was able to take his success on the field and use it to further his brand and make him more money. His use of social media is great. I follow him on twitter and he is one of my most funniest followers. Its great to see that he has learned from his mistakes and he is continuing to grow as a person. With his love for orcas and the fact that he’s the grammar police their is never a dull day in the life of Ochocinco. The fact that he called the valet thirsty made the conversation 20 times more funny. I loved him and it was a great way to end the semester.

  91. I think Chad Johnson is absolutely a breath of fresh air. His strong opinions and great sense of humor made for a great end to our semester. His use of social media to interact with fans is amazing. It was nice to see how open a celebrity could be. Him driving a smart car while skyping possibly made my entire week. I LOVE HIM!

  92. Matthew Gonsiewski

    I thought Chad Johnson was an awesome person to have appear in class. Not only because of his personality and his humor, but I appreciated the way he acted and the way he carries himself. It was also good to see him on a personal side because the media sometimes portrays him negatively, but actually getting to hear him talk gave me a whole new perception of him as a person. He does what he wants, and doesn’t let himself be censored, but he usually does it in a respectful way which is awesome. It is great to see his interactions via twitter. He is also very entertaining and I found it interesting/funny that he was very interested in orcas and grammar. I also loved how open he was about the Ray Rice situation and his own past. It shows a lot about someone if they can face their past mistakes and not dodge certain questions. Overall I thought he was a great person to Skype and I really enjoyed hearing from him.

  93. I really enjoyed skyping Chad Johnson. I had heard rumors about how we would eventually Skype him so while I might not have been completely surprised, I was thrilled. I love how open he is about basically every topic we threw at him. Its rare to find someone like that in the sports world nowadays! As much as I admired and enjoyed this trait from a fan/spectator perspective, I can easily see how this would be an absolute nightmare for a general manager who is trying to uphold the image and reputation of his team. As much as I enjoyed hearing him talk, Johnson is the epitome of why some teams refuse to let their players have a presence on social media.

  94. It surprised me that Chad Johnson is a genuinely nice and down-to-earth guy. I am not an expert on his career but my view of him, through media portrayal, was negative. From what I’d had seen of him on TV, he looked like an arrogant trouble-maker, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I really believe that his on-field antics were for the love of the game and he just wanted to have fun and make it fun to watch. The reasoning behind his name change also made sense to me given that he backed it up by saying he wanted to be an individual that wasn’t controlled by the NFL. When it happened, I thought it was a stupid idea but that was only because his motivations behind it were never really explained. In conclusion, the media controls everything, which is why social media is so important for athletes as they are able to be themselves without being controlled. P.S. This has been the best class that I have ever taken, I’m sad that it had to end so soon!

  95. The last Skype session of the year was one I certainly won’t forget and was an awesome surprise. For years I have been a huge fan of Chad Ochocicno and loved watching him perform his vintage touchdown celebrations and enjoyed his exciting personality. His unique personality really shined via the Skype in the way he talked and the fact that he was skyping while driving his smart car in Miami. He had some interesting takes and I really learned that he was really a branding genius and all the name changes and publicity about him was all in good humor and good nature. He contrasted himself with Richard Sherman and said Sherman’s antics and personality are with ill-intent unlike his and I really loved Chad’s carefree nature. It was interesting to hear him talk about the Patriots franchise and hearing about how the franchise operates because I was always curious. Additionally, it was very funny when he called the valet driver “thirsty” and just exactly what I would expect him to say. Once again thanks to Professor Spiker for setting this up, and thanks to Chad for giving us the once in a life time opportunity to Skype with such a prominent sports figure and athlete.

  96. Christina Carraha

    I enjoyed this Skype session so much! Definitely my favorite. I loved how honest Chad was. He made us all feel like we were close friends. Throughout the whole conversation he was very entertaining and spoke about things that we could relate to. I thought it was really funny when the valet was trying to get him out of the parking space. I also loved the story of how our class got to talk to him on Skype, and how he deletes and downloads it to talk to us.

  97. I enjoyed this class alot, when Chad came on the screen i was surprised i thought that was so cool. He has the most personality and I admire how he used football to get him in position so that he can show the person who he really is. He never went overboard in my opinion he just did enough so that it was marketable and his brand would always be entertaining and who doesnt want to be entertained.

  98. To begin with this was probably the best class I’ve take so far while at the University of Florida. I thought this class couldn’t get any better, but I was wrong. When Chad Johnson came on the screen I was surprised. Chad had been known to be pretty talkative and an entertainer, but as the conservation got more into depth he seemed like a normal individual. He talked about topics such as domestic abuse, and how it had affected him personally, he also talked about Richard Sherman bragging about himself being the best corner in game and got insight from Chad saying that Sherman “deserved to brag because he is telling the truth about being the best cornerback.” He even reminisced about the antics he pulled on touchdown celebrations and described his time at New England as being on “lock down” and he didn’t enjoy playing for them because he felt he wasn’t utilized in the right way. I enjoyed listening to what Chad had to say, and this was the perfect way to end the best class on the University of Florida campus.

  99. It was such an awesome suprise to have Chad Johnson Skype us in class! This was one of my favorite guest speakers of the semester. I really liked a lot of the things he said for example how he uses Twitter to express himself and eliminate the middle man. Chad seems like a very friendly, down-to-earth and personable person; very different than what I had imagined. I appreciated how he openly answered every question we asked him and made us feel special about how he downloads Skype each year just in order to talk with us. He is a great representative and role model of what professional athletes should be to the community. My favorite thing he said would have to be that he lost his cool once and it was 3 seconds when he stopped loving and that cost him an entire lifetime of work to make up for.

  100. I was surprised by how well spoken and professional Chad was. Not to say that professional athletes cannot use correct grammar, but it’s just not something you see every day. I feel as though I could go grab lunch with him and just shoot the bull. He seems like a genuinely nice, down to Earth person. I loved when he responded to the question “What’s next for you Chad?” and said “Being a father.” This guest was a great end to the semester. Although, Erin Andrews would have been pretty awesome, too. Just sayin’.

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