Thanks to Sterger

Thanks to Jenn Sterger for joining us in class today. I appreciated her honesty and her willingness to share with us her insights and opinions, as well as her side of the story. Your big takeaways? –TS


52 responses to “Thanks to Sterger

  1. I thought Jen Sterger coming to class was great. It was really interesting to hear her side of what happened and the ways she coped with some really huge problems such as ‘the incident’ and the death of her friend. I am glad to see she found a way to put it all behind her and that she can talk so honestly and frankly about such troubling topics. I was really impressed by how she could make clever jokes on such a traumatizing ordeal.

  2. I really enjoyed her talk. I really liked how she spoke about how females are treated in the field and especially how she was treated during the whole scandal. I think it is very interesting how she endured the media and what she took away with the whole situation. I would have never thought that she was a stand up comedian. How she described the similiarities between the sports world and comedy world as a female really struck out to me.

  3. Major takeaway which was reiterated by a lot of the other guest speakers was that being very open and honest is usually good in the industry. That sense of openness tends to go unnoticed in the industry with these big personalities, when in reality, behind the scenes these are people with real personalities; they’re not robots. In Sterger’s case, I give her credit because she’s not just another pretty face. She has the credentials and ability to back it up. This is why it was surprising to many of us that she is trying to pursue stand-up comedy. A lot of society generalizes women in sports as glamorous sideline reporters with nothing else to offer. In reality that is nothing further from the truth.

  4. I really enjoyed our discussion with Jenn Sterger today. It is always refreshing and eye-opening to here a media member talk in such an unfiltered and “real” way. It is rather shocking to me that Jenn has never met Brett Favre in real life, despite the incident that occurred between them. My biggest takeaway from her visit today is the necessity of a truthful and honest attitude for a media member. Most people will respect you a lot more and take you much more seriously if you’re frank and honest with them. Stand-up comedy is a great industry for Jenn to be in. I think she’ll succeed considering her attitude and outlook on life.

  5. I’m going to be honest as a woman in the media world: beautiful AND clever woman terrify me. I’m pretty average as they come, and though I never want to pursue on-air reporting I still feel pretty inadequate next to someone like Jenn Sterger. She’s not what the boy’s club stereotypes as a female sports personality. She’s funny, smart, and speaks her mind. Her looks launched her career- but she owns it and turned it into so much more. I think that standup comedy will be perfect for her. I one hundred percent believed her when she said she’s never met Brett Favre, just by the way she talks about it, though I do find it incredibly surprising.
    The biggest takeaway is the reaffirming belief that the NFL is in a desperate need of an ethical overhaul. Especially when they handle situations involving women, whether they are wives or media personalities.

  6. I really enjoyed hearing Jen Sterger speaking to our class today. As mentioned by my peers, her honesty and charisma reeled us in, along with all of her personal stories. But one thing I’d like to touch on is how many times she mentioned the phrase “Boys Club” when referring to the sports industry. Now, I don’t believe that Sterger puts on a front due to the industry that she works/worked in, in order to maintain and/or gain success. But I do believe, that to an extent, women have to alter their behaviors and who they are because of the “Boys Club”. I feel that that is a topic that isn’t touched on many times; the alteration of a woman’s personality, identity and behaviors when working in a male dominated field. Even though there may be a physical increase of female workers in the sports profession, is there really female presence, if many times they have to change who they are to fit in. It’s just a thought, but overall, I thank Sterger for speaking to our class, again.

  7. Jenn Sterger was definitely one of my favorite guest speakers we have had. I found everything she was saying to not only be super entertaining, but also knowledgeable. What stood out to me was how she stated that she is constantly facing false statements thought or said about her due to the way she looks. I think that is so common for women in Sports today, especially if they are considered to be a “sexy” public figure. I thought her sense of humor was also really great and how she was able to keep it throughout the whole Brett Favre assumptions. I liked how she was able to stay herself and when asked to change she didn’t agree. I think women need to have more humor while working in the sports world since it can be a stressful job already working in the spotlight. Overall really great change for a class speaker and I enjoyed her a lot!

  8. Thanks to Jenn Sterger for coming to speak to the class! Sterger was a very entertaining and honest guest speaker, and that stood out to me because it might be hard to be that way after everything she has been through in the media. It was interesting hearing her side of the story and hearing the details that the media didn’t include in that story. I had no idea Sterger did stand-up comedy either, so that surprised me as well. Overall it was awesome getting to know someone who had been so falsely advertised by the media, and it was great listening to everything Sterger had to say.

  9. It was great having Jenn Sterger come and tell her side of the story. Seeing the other side of the story and hearing her blunt honesty, I think, gave everyone a different view of Jenn Sterger. Not just a different view on her about the “incident” but a different view of her overall. I feel that many people look at the situation and think that once she was caught on camera her life was then made and she didn’t really have to work as hard for the career opportunities she received. Even though this may have helped get her career started, she definitely worked hard and put in the time to get where she is now, especially through all the controversy. It seems like she always goes out to try and get what she wants to do in her life and though sometimes things happen, she laughs them off as a joke. Great speaker and would love to see some of her stand up sometime!

  10. Jenn Sterger made a lot of interesting points in her talk, and her explanation of the situations she was forced to go through gave good insight into the craziness of Sports Media. Before the talk I slightly questioned Sterger’s work ethic and some of her actions at times, but after I was pleasantly surprised by her high intelligence and great knowledge of the workings of Sports Media. Her statements on the NFL and Roger Goodell were truly thought provoking, and makes one wonder where the NFL will go from this point on.

  11. Jenn Sterger is a riot. Her commentary on the state of sports media as well as being a woman in this field was so on point and insightful. I appreciate that she was being open and honest with us, while still being herself. She is a great personality and I appreciate that she gave us the good, bad and ugly of her story.Though she is a Florida State grad, I appreciated all she told us! Thanks, Jenn!

  12. Victoria Messina

    Jenn Sterger was definitely one of the more unexpected yet interesting speakers we’ve had in class. At first, I was kind of shocked at just how open and blunt she was about her past experiences, but I’ve always been a fan of people who are confident enough to say exactly what’s on their mind with no filter. Although I’m sure her lack of a filter and ability to just speak her mind has probably earned her a reputation for being sassy, I admire that she embraces how she is and makes it work to her advantage. One major takeaway that stood out to me was how much she focused on the self-serving ways of the media. I didn’t really realize how true it is until we had Sterger talk to us. We’ve had a handful of media members talk to our class, so they’d obviously never touch on the fact that their industry is selfish and just in it for the story and the views. Having someone on the opposite side of a scandal like Sterger was interesting because it was a new perspective that I hadn’t looked at beforehand.

  13. It was great finally getting to hear her side of the story. To see her personally victimized by the media and by the NFL was not right and it was not fair to her. She did nothing wrong and she was portrayed as the bad guy and was forced to comply with what the NFL wanted her to do. Having known now what i know, It makes me question the intentions of the NFL on other situations that have brought bad light to their organization. They work to only cover their buts and i dont think that is fair to the other parties involved. Im glad the Jen is not letting this situation hold her back from pressuring her future goals that she want to see accomplished. I have no doubt that she can accomplish anything that she puts her mind to, as was displayed to us during class. She is a well accomplished women and will definitely go far in the comedy world as she is a very funny individual. And though she is an FSU grad, she is a smart and intelligent women and I look up to her for how she handles her self when forced through those situations.

  14. I have a great deal of respect for Jenn Sterger after her discussion with the class. First off, the fact that she came over here to talk to a college class about the scandals or “incident” she was involved in was very risky. It could have gone either way, but thankfully it went great for her. She was super candid about the whole thing. The biggest things for me were that she has never even met or talked to Favre ever, and that to this day she isn’t 100% those pictures sent to her were of him. Sterger composed herself very well during this highly publicized incident. I loved hearing her side of things because wherever we look to for information online on this scandal, most of the time it will be biased. It’s awesome to hear directly from the source.

  15. My big takeaway was how Jenn Sterger talked about football and the NFL as a “boys club.” I liked how upfront and honest she was about how she felt the league had treated her and how she thinks people treat women in general. She said it doesn’t mater if you’re attractive or unattractive, people are still going to find something to criticize about you. The important thing is to own who you are and do not dumb yourself down because that is what a network wants. Just be you. I also appreciated her sense of humor, and I think she’ll go on to be a great stand-up comedian.

  16. Elizabeth Brown

    Big thanks to Jenn Sterger for taking the time to come and speak to our class. I really appreciated her advice for people, particularly women, who want to enter the sports media industry. I thought she had some great insight and knowledge, obviously having worked firsthand in the business and dealing with some of the difficulties. She was honest and candid and I loved that. Thank you so much, Jenn!

  17. I always enjoy when we have guest speakers in class. Jenn was very interesting just like everyone of our other guest speakers. I love when people are honest and tell things like they are and Jenn did just that. Also I was surprised by how smart she is and the confidence with which she talked. Not trying to sound stereotypical but most of the time when I see a pretty woman they usually are not known for being smart and good at talking. I think Jenn does a great job of breaking that stereotype. It was also interesting to hear from someone who has been involved in a high profile scandal. It was interesting to hear her side of the story from her own words. Overall I enjoyed having her in class and I thought it was a great opportunity to hear from someone who has been in the national spotlight.

  18. Usually guest speakers are sometimes a hit or miss but this class has a perfect batting average. It was a great opportunity to hear from someone that’s had so many different things go on in their life and they’ve only just begun. I love how she was always able to stay positive and make a joke about any situation even about herself, not many people have the ability to do that. I wish her the best of luck in all of her future careers.

  19. I thought it was interesting and rather terrifying how she described the Favre situation escalating out of control. It’s unfathomable that something like this all spawned from a conversation taken out of context. It also reinforced my perception of AJ Daulerio as an amoral, unprincipled slime ball. What’s lost in all of this is his complete breach of trust and one of the main rules of journalistic integrity: do not write about what’s off the record. I’ve always tried to avoid Deadspin before now because of their tabloid reputation, but after hearing Sterger’s tale I cannot in good faith give them a single page view.

    With all that said, it’s great to see that Sterger did not run or sell out during this process. She has maintained integrity and continued to pursue her goals. It’s a shame she has essentially been black listed out of sports media, but I’m sure she will find a way back in eventually.

  20. Charles J. Lewandowski

    There was one thing about Jenn Sterger’s lecture that really has bothered me since. One thing I never knew was that she DID NOT have a personal relationship with Favre. Many sources made it seem otherwise. If she honestly had no relationship with him (and really there is no reason not to believe her), then I feel bad about the situation she was given. More than anything, what Favre did was sexual harassment. It is a shame that the media portrayed her as half of the problem when from her side, she had no reason to deserve that harassment. It has been too long hearing cases such as these where women are not getting the representation they deserve. She should have sued Favre on a sexual harassment level, and not sold the pictures to Deadspin. I firmly believe she would have had a much more favorable outcome if she did not use Deadspin as the venue to publish her story.

  21. I never knew much about Jenn Sterger besides of the orignal FSU stuff that she was involved in. I was really surprised that she got her own show and was able to make a pretty good career because of what happened when she was shown on camera at the FSU game. She was also extremely intelligent and interesting to listen to. It was really surprising that she had no prior contact to Brett Favre and it makes me wonder what other things that Roger Goodell does to try and protect his players.

  22. Thanks for Jennifer Steger. I really enjoyed her speaking. It is quite interesting to listen to what happened to her and how she dealt with the huge issue at a young age. I admire her honesty and frank, most of al, her attitudes towards life and work. She is able to make funny jokes to the huge problems, that is so optimistic! She shows to the boy-club industry that women are not just some pretty things only could be used to look. They do contribute a lot to this industry.

  23. Aditya Mahadevan

    Jenn Sterger was a great final live speaker to have. Aside from her looks, obviously, she provided a lot to class. It was very interesting to hear her speak on some of the issues she had to deal with, including online harassment and the Brett Favre scandal. She knows that her looks are what launched her career, but she made something more than that out of herself. She became very good at what she does. She is witty and was not afraid to speak her mind on anything, including the differences between men and women in the sports world, and especially on her feelings about Roger Goodell. There are not many people who would come out like that and plainly say that Roger Goodell definitely had the Ray Rice tapes before handing out Rice’s original two game suspension, but Jenn doesn’t care. She was a perfect guest speaker.

  24. I really enjoyed how well-spoken she was and told us straight up the truth. Its hard to imagine what she has been through, but it’s nice to see that she is still going for her dreams and aspiring to do great things. It’s always
    eye- opening to hear the person’s point of view because it makes you take a step back and really think about how the media spins stories and makes you think what they want you to think.

  25. What I got from Jenn Sterger’s visit was to be honest about things when it comes to the sports industry. I honestly thought she thought she was funnier than she was…I definitely could not have done what she did with the whole Brett Favre scandal and it’s good to see her point of view on the subject due to the media and how twisted they can get with stories. To experience something like that at such a young age is incredible in the way how she handled it. She was composed and it was nice of her to come into the class when talking about such a sensitive and risky subject.

  26. Having Jenn Sterger come speak to us was a great learning experience. Not many people, can be so honest and up front to such a large group of strangers. Her honesty and personal work history was able to teach us all about not only the role of being part of the media, but also a woman’s role in the field. It’s amazing that through the negativity, media controversies and the Brett Favre scandal she was able to come through and move forward. Jenn never let one situation penalize her life or work. This is amazing because it shows how powerful women can be, but how difficult it is for them to move forward because of the outside forces and the fact that women are still viewed as incompetent in the work field.

  27. I really enjoyed our conversation with Jenn Sterger. It is always interesting to hear the perspective of someone who has been influenced by the media as much as Sterger has. I found it so cool how open she was discussing such a personal and uncomfortable “incident.” In class, we always discuss how the media’s portrayal of someone can change their life, and that is exactly the case in Sterger’s life. I was blown away when she told us that she has never personally met Brett Favre, even after working for the Jets. It was really interesting how she turned luck into a deserved life style. She admitted that she got lucky that she was called out for her looks on live television, as she was just another FSU fan with little clothing on. But, it is how she turned this fortune into more for her career; she took this opportunity to work hard and continue to stay in sports media, after her looks-related work was over (Playboy and Maxim). Sterger had a lot to offer our class and I am very glad we were lucky enough to hear her side of the situations she has faced.

  28. Honestly, my biggest takeaway from that talk was that she is into stand-up comedy now. It isn’t really the traditional role from Playboy and Maxim model to comedian but she is making it happen. I think she’ll do well in the stand up industry because, well, she’s a stand up lady. I think its her experiences with the NFL and Brett Favre that drove her into comedy because of how ridiculous the situation was in the first place, so all she could do was laugh about it. I look forward to seeing her again, both in person and in comedy.

  29. Allison Condurso

    Jenn Sterger was one of my favorite guest speakers of the semester. When Professor Spiker said she would be visiting our class, I was honestly expecting a rehearsed account of the events in her past. However, I thought she was funny, smart, and so candid about everything that made her who she is today. I appreciated hearing her comments about working in the sports media industry. Most of the guest speakers this semester spoke about the good sides of their jobs, and it was refreshing and eye-opening to hear an account of the negative aspects of working in the industry. Now if I choose to work in sports media in the future, I’ll have a general idea of possible issues I could encounter in that field.

  30. At first when I heard Jenn Sterger was coming to talk to us I thought it would be a waste because unlike all our other speakers she has no credibility in the sports broadcasting or media world. I personally believe she has no credibility because her rise to stardom was a result of her being attractive and not based off any talent in my eyes. However, she didn’t try to tell us how to get in the sports media industry it was more of her point of view regarding instances that happened to her, so i enjoyed that because it was a interesting to hear things from her side. I can’t see her being a stand up comedian though and I’m disappointed i didn’t ask her to show us her material.

  31. My biggest takeaway is how sassy she is. I thought that she was not going to be a very good speaker. I was wrong. She had a great sense of humor about her career trajectory and the incident. I can really see her as being a very good comedian. This was the best class I have ever taken and I am for sure going to miss it. I learned so much and had so much fun. It has been an incredible semester.

  32. I really liked Jenn Sterger coming into class and discussing “the incident”. I could imagine it took a huge toll on her when it all went down years ago and its a wonderful thing to see herself get back up and continue to do things that she loves. The biggest takeaway from it was her honesty and upfront answers she gave. She was very truthful with the situations she was put in and gave her authentic opinion on those matters despite of what the media said and how she was portrayed. I also liked how she was able to take serious matters lightly by making a few jokes here and their when discussing those topics.

  33. Jared Blinderman

    I really enjoyed Sterger’s appearance in class. I thought she was extremely articulate and provided a necessary insight on the behind the scenes events of an NFL scandal. I thought it was particularly interesting when she talked about Roger Goodell, and the NFL working in a very self interested fashion. It was no surprise, but it was cool to have a first person testimony as to how they operate behind the scenes as an enormous enterprise.

  34. My big takeaway was that you have the power to change your image, both negatively and positively. She mentioned that her other friends also on the camera when she was “discovered” just never interacted with fans or those online. She had the power to build her brand in that sense, and did so without even knowing it. On the contrary, once the rumors and scandal occurred she had to build her brand back up. Although some people still do not think the best of her, she still has had the power to build herself in a positive light and explore new careers. It is interesting to hear her take on how she has had a successful career in the media. By the way she spoke and carried herself I would say looks was most definitely involved in her rise to fame. But if you got it, flaunt it. It certainly will not hurt your rise to fame.

  35. Having Jen Sterger come into class was a huge privilege. She was a fantastic speaker and lets not forget gorgeous. I appreciated how she was honest and how open she was discussing the incident. She came off as a strong and independent woman who doesn’t let other peoples opinions get to her. And i think we should all learn from her. I think the way she capitalized on the opportunities she had was quite extraordinary. Good for her, and thanks for having her come into class.

  36. Prior to hearing Jenn Sterger speak, I had a much different idea of what had happened between her and Favre based on the spin the media had applied to it. Despite being portrayed as somewhat of a bimbo (for lack of a better word), Sterger was well spoken and offered great insight to the world of sports media through her experience in the field. She has had a great deal of contact with higher up individuals in the NFL and confirmed much of the negative information regarding the commissioner Roger Goodell. She agreed that he puts profits and image over the truth and protects his own agenda at all costs. The entire lecture was intriguing and she proved to be a thriving member of the sports media industry.

  37. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to listen to Jenn Sterger in person. Perhaps the biggest lesson i took from that encounter was that people are not necessarily how they are presented in media. In addition, things that the media tells us bout a situation are not necessarily the truth. I was surprised when she told the class the truth about the Brett Favre story. She hadn’t even said two words to him and the media had painted her like his mistress or something. Media is definitely a cut throat industry.

  38. I thought Jenn Sterger was our most interesting guest of the year. It’s great to see how someone like her is doing it big right now. It’s also great to see scandals like “the incident” from a female point of view. It shows who the real victim is and that it’s not all about the superstar NFL player. I also learned that Roger Goodell really is not a good person. I never liked the man before, and now I never will from how she described him. He seems like a real scumbag who’s only real worry as NFL commissioner is money.

  39. The major thing I took away from Jenn’s visit was definitely how candid she was about everything. Given the severity of the situation, it was cool to see how willing to discuss the issue in a somewhat humorous way. I would definitely like to see some of her standup comedy one day. The one thing I wish I could have found out more about was why exactly she left the sports scene altogether. Unless I missed that point somewhere, I was left wondering why the switch to comedy really came.

  40. I really enjoyed Jenn speaking to our class. She seemed like a really nice truthful person. She was also funny, i hope everything goes well with her and believe eventually this situation will die out.

  41. I felt that Jenn was able to portray what it is like to be in the spotlight involving the NFL. She was able to show us what the innerworkings are really like. For example, her speaking out against Goodell was refreshing because everyone knows that he is just looking out for the owners and yet no one has the courage to speak up. Also I feel that she was just struck with unfortunate luck because if she were to speak up to the public, everyone would understand her side of the story.

  42. Having Jenn Sterger in our class last weeks as really cool, especially being a Jets fan and hearing what she had to say about Brett Favre. I remember the whole situation when it first came out, and didn’t know too many details then but since then I have learned more about it from how the media viewed and spoke about it. Hearing her take on the situation was different than the medias and made the media seem like it was covering something up. I thought that her side of the story was interesting to hear because it shows how the media can protect their top athletes during a situation similar to this one. Jenn Sterger told her story about how she because famous and seemed really cool in the way she was so open about everything. She really didn’t hold anything back and was funny throughout. It was really cool having her in class.

  43. I really really enjoyed hearing Sterger speak. She was my favorite person to hear speak because we got to hear first hand how she handled the whole Brett Favre scandal and how she had to go through such hardships. I have been curious for years about the real story, and I truly believed everything that she said. I think she is a very proud speaker and I loved her confidence when speaking about such a personal subject in her life. I loved her points about women in the field of sports and how it needs to garner a lot more attention. All in all I thought that Sterger was my favorite speaker of the semester and a great way to close out this class.

  44. Jenn Sterger was a great final speaker to have. To talk to a bunch of students who she has never met before about such a hard time in her life with such honesty and humor was a great way to share her side of the story. She was also so true to her own advice when it comes dealing with the media and after “incidents” like this by staying true to herself and having a sense of humor. I think her doing stand-up comedy is a fantastic path for her. It would’ve been great too if she was still in sports because she would be such an amusing sport personality, maybe in the future she could work for ESPN, who knows?

  45. Tyler Mutschler

    Jenn Sterger is quite the character, but I respect how she holds herself. I like how real and direct she was about the stories she was telling. I find it quite interesting that she made a whole career for herself based on getting a few seconds of TV during a football game. She was very lighthearted about the whole Farve situation and even made some pretty funny jokes while talking about it. She was able to make a career for herself and took advantage of the opportunities presented to her. Although she had a tough time dealing with the situation of invasion of privacy, she was able to bounce back strong.

  46. Valeria Ascarrunz

    I was in love with her honesty and how she wasn’t afraid to share the details regarding how she started her career. It’s crazy how she studied criminal justice and ended up having to do pictures for playboy to get her career started. On top of it all, the fact that she was able to get into the sports industry that way is crazy. I do admire that she fought back and tried getting out of the scandal the right way, and then out of the sports industry all together instead of stirring things up and being forceful trying to stay.

  47. First of all, thank you for coming! I thought it was a really great surprise having you come speak to the class. My biggest take away was the fact that big companies will do whatever they can to protect their golden child. Jenn didn’t do anything wrong, in fact she did what she was supposed to do and report inappropriate behavior and turned out that she was punished in the end. It is really cool to see someone like her fight such an impossible fight. It is crazy how things can change so quick in life. Starting from her at FSU then now ending up pursuing a comedy career.

  48. I thought she brought a unique aspect to the table as somebody that has worked around high profile people. I enjoyed how she was witty and educated. I learned that the world can be a scary place especially if everything is stacked against you. I learned that life is like a game of chess you should always be ready for the next move. I enjoyed that she is doing stand up comedy now I believe she will do a great job.

  49. Kristyn Hollenbeck

    I love Jenn Sterger, and I am so glad that she came to our class to speak! I love how honest she is and her great sense of humor. I think that she did an awesome job handling the incident that she was involved with and I think that she has set a good example for other women who might be in a situation like hers. She had some really great advice that could be helpful to many of our classmates who want to go into the same career field as her.

  50. Not to give the wrong impresssion because I am really intrigued by how intellegent she is for a good looking woman which a lot of the time doesn’t go together. The only problem I noticed was that she came across as arrogant at times. When people would ask her questions she began to answer before they were done asking. I know that her job coming into the class was to explain what she does and how she got there but it came off as if she was boasting about her talents and what she can do. At the end of the day she was being real whcih I can respect and even mentioned how she can rub people the wrong way at times.

  51. I really appreciated that that Jenn Sterger could come and share her own story with us. And it is good to know she is not only pretty but also smart and funny! Through her own story, we know how media can shape a person’s image, and control the public thinking. Media has the ability to make a star, but can also destroy one. Being a spot light in media, you need to learn how to protect yourself as well as how to be yourself.

  52. Savannah Schaffer

    Jenn Sterger was a very fun speaker to have in our class. She blew away all of my expectations with her sharp wit and no nonsense attitude. Her presence in class was such a stark contrast from the image that made her famous that I was a bit taken aback at first, but absolutely in a good way. I admired her honesty with us, despite her past experiences with candid conversations being taken out of context, and her humor kept the whole class attentive throughout the discussion.

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