Cooper and Maclin

A little media scenario involving Eagles’ receivers Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin. Cooper said he made a comment intended as a joke, it was blown up by media, and now it appears to be a little in-fighting. Can players not make a joke to the media for fear of it being taken seriously? –TS


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  1. I feel like players making jokes to the media is sometimes spiteful to their other teammates depending on the situation. I mean sometimes it’s just fun and games and pretty much the nature of the sport. I’ve been around sports and worked with Florida Football and I would say the atmosphere in the office, workouts, athletic training, and the locker room is seemingly playful and innocent when joking from coach to coach, player to player or even player to coach. I think that the media makes something out of it to gain more readers or to catch the public’s attention. But I feel in this instance it wasn’t meant to be spiteful. No harm was meant to come out of it, and the media just spun it to their advantage. I think it’s kind of ridiculous that players can’t make jokes to the media for fear of it being taken too seriously. However, I think because media sometimes takes things to seriously players should be more conscious of what they say just so that the media doesn’t have a chance to spin something if they would like.

  2. I think that sometimes the media takes certain things to seriously. I work in the Basketball Offices here at UF and the team atmosphere with each other and the coaches is very playful. They joke around and give each other a hard time very often. I even participate. No harm was meant to come out of the situation and the joke that was made. The Eagles players both probably agree it was not meant in a spiteful manner.

  3. It’s sad to see a UF alum acting with such lack of common sense. I understand that Cooper is probably upset that he is not playing as much as he was in the beginning of the season. And yes, he probably didn’t really mean anything by his comments as a true attack on Maclin. However, you could tell there is a little disdain in what he is saying, and that is not something that be needs to be saying to the media. I know that Cooper said that it was the media who was blowing up what he said. But isn’t that kind of their job? Not to blow things out of proportion, but the media is supposed to dig deep and figure out what everything means. No, players shouldn’t be afraid to make jokes to the media, but when they are actual jokes. If there is any way that what you say can be taken in a different way, be careful or don’t say it.

  4. It seems like the Philadelpha Eagles are really considering what to do with Cooper after he continually finds ways to make headlines for reasons not pertaining to the sport. The reduction in snaps could be a way of slowly working him out of the offense, so that they have no guilt for losing his performance. It’s likely that they view him as about as talented as some of the other receivers, but once again the off-the-field issues lead to the decision about who is going to start.

  5. This has become a larger issue than Riley Cooper had initially expected it to be as you can see. I truly believe that Riley Cooper only meant for his comment to be a joke but when it comes to money as with anything else in this world there is almost no room for jokes. I feel like the thing that makes this situation so bad is that it is Jeremy Maclin his own teammate. He should have never said it, due to the fact that he should have been aware that the media would spin such a comment to make him look bad.

  6. There is no reason for the media to take his comments out of proportion, especially to the point where they are probing and asking if he talked to Maclin about the comments. However, I would think that it’s an unwritten law to talk about another person’s contract. For those with non-NFL or sports figure jobs, one of the things managers always say is to never discuss what you’re making with your coworkers. COWORKERS! So why Cooper would discuss another man’s contract with the media is beyond me. But still, I could see how the media could take this way out of proportion.

  7. Players need to understand no matter how they mean to say something, it will always come across to someone else differently. They should keep comments that aren’t professional, such as jokes, to themselves because the media could blow up absolutely anything said by a player. Riley Cooper should be aware of how the media can blow things up, especially after the last time he made a racial comment. Maclin has a right to get mad at Cooper because he has done this before and although he said it was a “joke” it may not have been.

  8. Although it seems ridiculous, I do not think player should make jokes to the media for this exact reason. If I was a coach, I would tell my players to only use clichés with the media and don’t really give them any details or try to show your personality. It won’t help you and it might cause harm to you and your team, like it did with Riley Cooper. The media can take statements out of context and spin it in a way that will get viewers to read their articles. Sadly, journalists don’t always have the athlete’s best intentions at heart. They are usually trying to make a big story out of everything.

  9. It’s unfortunate that Sports Media has gone to this level in order to make news appealing to their audiences. And because of this, players like Riley Cooper, need to always be cautious in what they tell to the media. So when trying to crack jokes during interviews, players might have to reevaluate what they’re going to say before they blurt it out. In this particular case however, it wasn’t the best move by Cooper to talk about a coworker’s salary to the public. In any other line of work that is unacceptable and it should be the same in the NFL. So making jokes about how much income someone you work with has isn’t really the “smartest idea”. But now Cooper needs to be careful because this is the second time he’s made headlines for negative reasons.

  10. While I do think players should be able to make jokes, I do believe they should strongly consider what they are saying before it’s said. The media will make anything a big deal, and if that’s a supposedly a joke, I don’t believe they care. So, while Cooper has every right to say what is on his mind, I really think he should have given thought to the consequences. The media will keep using this story for as long as they want just because he tried to make a joke at the expense of a teammate.

  11. I think it is terrible that the media blows simple things out of proportion. If a player can’t make a joke to the media, they will probably stop talking to the media altogether. I like the fact that Cooper is standing by what he said when he says, “the only reason I regret saying it is because you guys have made such a big deal out of it.” I also don’t think this is going to stop Cooper from making jokes because he made another one during his media availability when he said, “I have to sub out every 4-5 plays, but I guess Maclin doesn’t because he’s better than me.”

  12. There are many times where the media will blow things out of proportions because that is what they get paid to do. It is ok for athletes to joke around but they need to understand the subject they are joking around about. I think Riley Cooper joking about Jeremy Maclins contract situation was very unprofessional. A player should never talk or joke about another players contract situation.

  13. The media is such a pest sometimes. If I was a player I would ignore any comment or perspective the media may have about my own jokes I have with another player and would continue on with my day. Its like grade school when you make a small joke and nut heads around you blow it up to instigate a fight. The media should act like adults and stop attempting to ensue something bigger than what it really is. I understand the media is “doing their jobs” by having something to talk about, however, i’m almost sure there are a lot of other topics they can write and talk about besides a small joke on twitter.

  14. I agree with Cooper that the media blows everything out of proportion. I personally am not the biggest fan of journalists try to blow up a story about something that isn’t necessarily there. The comments Cooper said were made in a joking manner that did not intend to harm anyone. I think journalists were trying to make him out to be a bad guy because of racist remarks he’s said in the past. Journalists were trying to instigate a situation that was not quite there. The media should focus on major stories and not try to make major stories out of small situations.

  15. Danielle Pechous

    I think this is just another example of inappropriate comments made being and then picked up by the media and blown up into another proportion. However, it’s not the media’s job to filter what someone says or be obligated to not cover something because “it was a joke.” It’s the job of the players to watch what they say. These are NFL players and they know that they are always in the public eye and always have the media’s attention so what they say will always be scrutinized. If something they want to say could be taken the wrong way or twisted around in a way they wouldn’t want then they probably shouldn’t say it because they know they are going to get backlash. I think it’s about knowing your position and that you are always going to be in the public eye so it’s your job to be responsible and watch what you say.

  16. I think that cooper should be able to say what he wants even if it is a joke that was taken the wrong way. It was the medias fault that the joke was viewed as a jab at maclin. The media keeps readdressing the issue and creating turmoil because they’re looking for there next headline and a locker room feud fits that perfectly. Cooper may have meant some of what he said but the fact that its looked at as a him attacking maclin is nothing but the media making things worse.

  17. Athletes today should have an understanding that anything they say can be taken the wrong way. The athletes should definitely be able to make some jokes in certain situations and about certain topics. However, jokes regarding certain topics should be kept to the athletes and not voiced out loud. This is because the media will take the quote and within seconds everyone will know about it if it was taken as somewhat “controversial.” Therefore, unless athletes know for a fact that the joke won’t cause any harm, then the athletes should not discuss any controversial information, such as finances and contracts. In this situation, it would have been better for Cooper to keep his joke to himself.

  18. I definitely think there is an issue with journalists interrupting various situations between players and in locker rooms and causing these small problems to be blown up and broadcasted. Cooper primarily intended for his comment to be taken in a joking manner, but considering the desperation of the media, they are always looking for anything that can be blown out of proportion into a story. While I believe Cooper intended for this to come across jokingly, it could’ve been a thought in his head that Maclin is up for a contract soon, and could be looking to show his talent and earn that money. I feel like in this situation Cooper’s joke is something that a lot of people could say in that situation, but players need to know how desperate the media can be, and they need to keep these comments in the locker room, away from the media.

  19. Valeria Ascarrunz

    I believe this is a reoccurring matter in media. One comment made by a player is thrown out of proportion yet again. Cooper was obviously kidding. I think it’s kind of ridiculous that players can’t make jokes to the media for fear of it being taken too seriously. Even though this is wrongful and we are all aware that there is a tendency for it to occur, players should be extra careful with what they say and how they say it. Yet again, it is up to the public to see through the media and judge the situation based on the obvious facts.

  20. Austin Whitehall

    I think when talking to the media, the players have to realize what the job of the reporters is. It is their duty to get stories that are interesting to the public and something that can actually be a story. If a player gives a Bill Belichick type of response, there is likely to be no story. However, in a case like this, joking or not, it was probably the best material the reporters got that day. So, when Cooper says something like this, it is their job to report the news that will be the most widely read. Cooper should already have his guard up towards media after he embarrassed himself about a year ago. Plus, I think the reporters used this story because, of the way he was joking. Joking is allowed with media in some senses but, in this case it seemed as if he said what he wanted to say and tried playing it off as a joke.

  21. I think that Riley Cooper has every right to be annoyed with the way that the media handles situations that may happen in the locker room and within the organization. Being a professional athlete requires countless hours around teammates and coaches, so I feel as if they all just joke around to be funny and lighten up the mood in the working environment. I could understand how the media put Riley Cooper in this position because of comments he made in the past. Undoubtedly, the media does tend to blow things out of proportion a lot of the time, and i believe they need to take a step back and not be so judgmental about everything that athletes have to say.

  22. I think that its tough for players such as Riley Cooper to make a joke with the media because the media blows every situation out of proportion and makes the situation a much bigger one than it needs to be. In this case, Riley Cooper was simply joking around and the media blew up the situation like it normally does. I find the media to be somewhat annoying in these situations because they always find a way to take a situation and blow it out of proportion. This isn’t the first time the media has done this and it probably won’t be the last either. Riley Cooper probably shouldn’t have said what he did say but it shouldn’t have been blown up the way it was either.

  23. Stephen Lomabrdi

    While Maclin is right, and Cooper should have known better than to chastise a fellow receiver, even in jest, this is yet another example of the media blowing things out of proportion. The media often makes stories out of simple comments like this, and twists them into headlines that will actract readers. Cooper’s comments weren’t drastically offensive or slanderous, and should not have garnered this much attention. He even acknowledged that Maclin is a far better player than him. I have to think, however, that this story wouldn’t have garnered so much attention if Cooper didn’t have a history of controversy with the media.

  24. Christina Carraha

    I think if most people like your sense of humor then you have nothing to worry about. However, Cooper decided to joke about another player which could be dangerous because the media could make it seem like a bigger deal than it is. Personally, I don’t mind players sticking to what they say even if I disagree with it. It shows more character in my opinion. But I do believe that players always run the risk of media blowing things out of proportion. Whether they fear the media or not is up to them. Players do need to be wary of what they say if it matters to them.

  25. All too often the media twists what athletes say. Sporting ‘banter’ said before an important game is portrayed by the media as ‘trash talk’ just to make the whole event more dramatic. Yes, players like Richard Sherman mean exactly what they say and don’t joke when they call out other players, but most others are only having a bit of fun. I feel that this deters athletes from opening up to the media which prevents them ‘growing their brand’. This is why social media is so important in sports as athletes can voice their opinions without their comments being misconstrued.

  26. Cooper nearly got himself kicked of the team and sparked a whole social controversy using the N word in the locker room which eventually died down. With this new in house fighting Riley Cooper seems to not understand even what may come across as a joke or is said behind closed doors usually finds its way to the media. I believe he was joking but it comes down to how you are perceived which Cooper clearly doesn’t understand I wouldn’t be surprised this is the last straw with Cooper, he’s talking himself out of the league.

  27. I think that the media sometimes take things too far, because they are just hungry for the story; the next big thing. The media tried to make this “fight” a story while it was harmless in my eyes, and created some unneeded media attention for the Eagles. Athletes are people too, who joke around, and have fun with each other, so their lives should not be lived under a microscope even though it is. Just think how many of your comments to your friends would be the media make a story of?

  28. Athletes always need to be careful about what they say in front of the media. The media will try to make something out of nothing, especially in a news lull. It’s a shame that they can’t always joke around with their teammates and be themselves but thats the way it is. In a provate setting, like an empty locker room or the comfort of their own homes, they can be themselves, speak their minds and joke all they want but whetever there is a microphone or reporter, all athletes have to be more careful.

  29. Jonathan Hulzebos

    If just about any other player had made remarks like this, this wouldn’t have even been reported. Given his actions last offseason, Riley Cooper is still living in the shadow of his mistake and, whether it’s right or not, the media is just waiting for him to slip again. So when he jokingly says something about a black teammate being selfish in a contract year, of course the media is going to go above and beyond the necessary and make an ordeal out of the matter.I still don’t understand what Cooper said that could be deemed offensive. It’s common knowledge that receivers especially hunger for more plays and targets when their livelihood for the next several years is on the line. It’s normal. I think Cooper was just trying to say he understands that part of the reason he is getting fewer snaps is that Maclin, the team’s best WR, is pushing for more opportunities. But of course, the media had to do what they could to create a story or conflict in the locker room of one of the hottest teams in the NFL, and players should keep this in mind when talking to the media.
    But if I was Riley, I’d be more concerned with the rookie coming up behind me.

  30. The media has the ability to take anything slightly controversial that an athlete says, and blow it out of proportion. This was a harmless little joke that Riley Cooper made that could have never hit the headlines. However, at the same time Cooper should have been more conscientious of the possibility of something like this happening. Something like this only further damages the ability of athletes to feel comfortable around the media and trust them. At the end of the day, the media has a job to do and papers to sell. They will do anything to come up with an eye catching headline.

  31. After watching sports religiously and following famous sports figures like athletes, reporters, analysts, etc, one thing that I have realized is that the media always blows statements out of proportion. I happen to think that Copper is just a little jealous of Maclin’s success this year and that it was just an innocent remark, but Cooper should know better at this stage in his career. The media is all about ratings and getting any story, so athletes and other figures must be cognizant of what they say. This instance just proves that certain things should be said away from the reporters and between players and in the locker room away from media attention or else something will be made of nothing a lot. As his teammate Maclin noted, Cooper just wasn’t smart and should know theres a time and place for certain comments, and that time certainly is away from the media.

  32. I do not think that players can make joking comments to the media without it being blown up. The media’s job is to sell stories. And that is what they do. They turn whatever people say just to sell their stories. Also, it doesn’t help that it was Riley Cooper who made the joke. He has a history with the media and his relations with the public and his teammates was hurt. Like Maclin said, Cooper should be wiser with his comments and who he’s talking to. The media is always blowing things out of proportion and everyone needs to watch what they say about things.

  33. I apologize in advance if it’s disrespectful to directly quote another student, but to say, “It’s sad to see a UF alum acting with such lack of common sense,” is a bit ridiculous. Cooper voiced his opinion as passively as can get as an athlete. So for me, that student is practically associating sharing an opinion with a lack of common sense. I understand that everyone has their own sense of humor and perception of things, but there is way too much oversensitivity in the sports world. It’s really unfortunate that athletes have such a limited amount of expression because the media will continue to blow minuscule things out of proportion. Boys will be boys, comments will be made, and not everyone will be pleased. This shit is getting old. There’s no crying in baseball and the same goes for the rest of the sports world. Stop making mountains out of mole hills.

  34. Knowing the context of the situation, we can tell that Cooper’s joke was made in a harmless manner. However, it did verge on something seeming completely out of line when looked at by someone who is unknowing of the context of the situation or unfamiliar with Cooper and who he is. It is a common occurrence in media for remarks and jokes made by people of interest to be blown out of proportion. However this essentially comes with the territory of being someone in the media. Although Cooper meant no harm by his comment, he was very aware of how many people would hear/see it and how it could be misconceived. It was irresponsible for Cooper to behave that way in the context of his career and following.

  35. Thomas Wotherspoon

    The media cannot be blamed for reporting what is said in a joke as a serious matter. Even if a reporter knows that it is a joke, the quote is going to make for a good story. While this is debatably ethical for the reporter to do, it no doubt gets people to read their work.

  36. This scenario perfectly exemplifies why many players limit their contact with the media as much as possible. While many players and coaches have been able to grow their brand by being open and outgoing with the media (Shaquille O’neal, Rex Ryan), others see the media as only being out to get them and respond accordingly (Marshawn Lynch, Greg Popovich). Much of this falls back to the rules of journalism. When reporters violate these by including off the record information or taking statements out of context, they lose the trust of athletes and other figures in the sports world. Though the situation with Cooper and Maclin may have simply been a misunderstanding, it will unfortunately cause some athletes to be even more guarded around the media.

  37. Sure it might be a little unfair and kind of cut-throat, but when you are in that position you have to know the media is going to make a big deal out of it. It’s a very difficult situation for Riley Cooper to be in because the media wants you to seem more human-like and relatable, but at the same if you say what you really want to say, it might be a problem. On the other hand, there is a unwritten rule in football that you never talk about someone else’s contract.

  38. I feel like the media is intruding too much on the personal lives on the players. Not only in this scenario but in multiple scenarios, the media indulges themselves sometimes in a way that they cross certain lines. In this case, Riley Cooper should not have made a comment in the first place, and it was a jerky thing to do. However, this is the media’s job: to exploit the imperfections in athletes, to get the lead story. Sometimes there is a time for it, but recently in sports it has been taken too far.

  39. With players having little privacy when it comes to social media, I feel as if it’s best that they try and limit the comments made. Media can take a simple sentence and blow it up to the point where we’re talking about this issue every night on ESPN. It’s not fair to players to have add another thing to their long list of can’t do’s but it’s smart because players avoid issue like this. It would have been a lot better to just joke in person but Cooper didn’t so hopefully he won’t do it again.

  40. Kane Ivers-Osthus

    I believe that Riley Cooper was just joking with his teammate, however because of his past words that he said on video his actions will be monitored a little closer. If I was Cooper I would just stop talking and go out there and do my job. If I were the Eagles, I would maybe think about putting a media ban on him, like suspending him from speaking with the media. Overall, I believe he was just kidding with a teammate and the teammate thought he was being serious.

  41. Vernon Hargreaves

    As a player you have to understand that the media does not know you personally so anything you may see as a joke its normal for them to take it a different way. Being a athlete I feel sometimes reporters try to get you say certain things to cause a little drama but at the end of the day my job is not to entertain the media.

  42. I understand that when you play in a league as followed as the National Football League you are under the microscope of the media. However, I do not feel as if this should lead to players feeling as if they cannot make jokes or say anything that can get blown out of proportion. At the end of the day, football is their job, and they deserve to be able to say what they want, to an extent. They should not feel so constrained that they can’t joke around with their teammates. I feel that Riley Cooper was just joking around with a teammate, and the teammate knew that, until the media blew it out of proportion and framed it in such a way that made Cooper seem serious. With that being said, I do expect athletes to be careful with what they say on the more extreme side. For instance, when Riley Cooper had his whole conflict with his racist comments, it was inexcusable; if you give the media a reason to make a big deal of it, you deserve the bad publicity on its way, but in the most recent situation between Cooper and Maclin, it seems clear that a joke was just taken too seriously.

  43. I believe that there is a quarrel between these players, but Cooper meant nothing by it. I am sure Cooper really thinks that he should get more snaps but Maclin is taking them, but what athlete doesn’t think they are the best and deserve more playing time. I think that athletes are ALWAYS under the microscope and anything they say, the media has the pull to morph their comments into something that isn’t that great of a deal. Although Cooper should have learned from his controversial comments made two summers ago, to stop opening up his mouth, maybe this time hell let his playing do ALL of his talking!

  44. I think it all depends on the image a player is trying to establish for himself. Some people joke about things to the media and people see it as humorous because it’s part of their personality to have a sense of humor that pushes boundaries. However, if people haven’t established an outspoken personality to the public then everything they say could be potentially controversial. But then there’s the question of how do you establish that kind of personality to the public? Athlete-media relationships are very tricky and ultimately athletes need to be careful of everything that they say.

  45. Robert Van Deering

    It seems like to me that the media wants to make the comments Riley Cooper made into a bigger matter, but they shouldn’t because the media might try to twist Cooper’s words and make the matter a whole lot worse than it already is. I also think Cooper should start thinking about what he is going to say at interviews and press conferences before he says it because in the past couple of years his mouth has gotten him into some trouble because of what he had said. I think Cooper has to hold himself responsible and stop acting like a kid and saying stupid things that are going to get him in trouble or be taken the wrong way with interpretation.

  46. I think Riley Cooper’s comments were made into a bigger deal than they were intended and really shouldn’t have gotten much attention at all. Especially in a casual setting where it isn’t a formal press conference, players often say things without much thought, whether that is good or not. But by saying that, I mean that his comments clearly weren’t meant in a serious manner and that he was just joking around. I do think that this happens a lot in the media because reporters are always trying to read into everything a player says and twist their words into something that will attract the attention of the public.

  47. The media does what they do, which is take the slightest hint of a controversy and blow it up to see if they can get anything more out of it. The fact that Cooper’s comment was blown up by media is not surprising. However, I think Cooper was just trying to shift blame toward the media and away from himself. He sounded a little bitter about the whole situation in the first place, so I really don’t think it was a smart idea to take a jab at Maclin about the contract. If it really was a joke, then Cooper has a very odd sense of humor. I don’t think the media necessarily takes all jokes seriously. When Peyton Manning was fined for taunting in the preseason, he told the media “money well spent.” The joke ended there and was not blown out of proportion by the media.

  48. It seems like Cooper was making a joke but that there were some feelings lying behind that joke. He is probably a little frustrated that he hasn’t had as great of a season as he did last year and just took out some of that frustration toward Maclin in the form of a joke. I don’t think the media should have made it as big of a deal as they did because at the end of the day it was a joke even if there was some truth lying behind it. Athletes should be able to express their feelings and make jokes without the media blowing up any slightly offensive thing that they say. This whole thing will probably brush over in a couple of weeks and no one will even look back at it.

  49. It can be hard to tell in situations like this if Riley Cooper was really kidding or not. As the article pointed out, he is getting far less playing time and declining as compared to Maclin so there may be a bit of competition there. I doubt he meant his comment to be harmful and he most likely was kidding, plus teammates joke around with one another all the time and people tend to take things too far. Cooper’s frustration with how the media read into his comment is evident, and because he takes it so lightly, he probably just meant it as a joke even if Maclin did not seem to find it too funny. Regardless, it’s easy for people to take what Cooper or any athlete says out of context when it can’t be explained immediately and there are many people taking it into their own perspective.

  50. I feel like players cannot make jokes to the media. The Media tends to twist words and portray made statements by athletes as bad. This is his or her job; everyone wants to read about a little drama. Riley Cooper obviously meant no harm by his statement, as he said the only reason he regrets saying it was because the media made it out to be a way bigger deal than what it actually was.

  51. I find this ridiculous. These guys are teammates and probably joke around all the time. Cooper was obviously joking, but the media blew it way out of proportion and now may have created tension between the two players. Now others could argue that Cooper could have been serious because he is rotating every couple plays and Maclin is not, but I doubt he was serious. As you can see in the video Cooper said he would not have regret what he had said until the media made it seem like he was coming at Maclin in a bad way. We can’t blame the media though, that is their job, to entertain and here they made a small comment into a big controversy.

  52. Obviously it appears like he was joking, but he should understand that anything he says could and probably will be blown out of proportion if it will make the headlines. I think especially for Riley Cooper, since he’s had a little bit of a past with remarks and what not, he is put under a microscope and every little thing he says will be used. The media has a job to do, so if they get something they can use to draw ratings and viewership, then they will.

  53. Well, in many times media will blow up things to sell the news and attract the public attention. And today’s technology could let the news spread out in few seconds. I think it is ok for an athlete joke around inside the team, but once media involved, every joke could become a selling point. I think every team should have a media manager or PR manager, they teach the athletes how to become a professional public figure, and how to become a spokesman for themselves. In order to reduced the chances of media to blow up things, player should know how to control their comments in public. Making a joke is not wrong, but offering a joke which could be reedited to media is unprofessional.

  54. Riley Cooper isn’t the best player to make jokes after a prior experience with a racist comment. However players should be able to make jokes because most of them have a great personality and love to joke around. But, media today will try to get a story out of nothing, including a simple joke. Players have to be very careful of what they say because one bad comment that was a joke, can be the next new story on Sports Center.

  55. The media obviously makes things bigger deals than they need to be as proven time and time again. With that being said Riley Cooper still should not have said that and whether or not it was in jest. He already has gained a bad reputation after that video at the country concert came out and honestly Maclin is a lot better player then he is so he shouldn’t even be bringing up playing time.

  56. I think there was more behind this than a little joke. Maybe Cooper was joking around, but everyone knows that the players have families to support and bills to pay. If Maclin is trying to earn a new contract, obviously he will be playing his hardest and wants to shows the GM his full potential. I think Cooper was joking in the situation, but also knew that Maclin was fighting for a contract or he would not have even said anything. Also, in the video when he is being asked about the comments, he says “he’s a much better player than me so he doesn’t have to sub out like i do” almost in a sarcastic way. He doesn’t seem to take the “joke” as serious as Maclin did and it doesn’t surprise me that this resulted in some fighting.

  57. Stephanie D'Amico

    The article ended with a quote from Cooper saying he hasn’t talked to Maclin yet, which leads me to believe Cooper’s comment may not have originally been a joke. I think Cooper was surprised the media took his comment and ran with it, so he had to cover it up. If it was simply just a joke between teammates, I don’t think it’d be a problem to talk to Maclin about it. They could laugh about it together and the media could move on. The media does take some comments too seriously to get a story out of them, and players need to realize that.

  58. This issue seems to have blown up in Riley Coopers face, even though he says the comments were a joke, I do feel as though the comments stemmed from some personal thoughts he felt strongly about. With the media the way it is today, Cooper should have known that he has to be careful about comments like that, especially ones dealing with playing time and money. This is the second time Riley Cooper has brought unwanted media attention to the Eagles organization. He has to see that the media today will try to get a story out of anything.

  59. I think Cooper should not have said something like this especially dealing with financial situations of Jeremy Maclin and him playing for a contract. Although he may have thought his comments were harmless, he should not have said them because the media has the ability to blow comments out of proportion and make a huge deal about them. In this day and age with social media it is harder and harder for players and coaches to joke around because someone is always watching their social media accounts constantly.

  60. Joseph Kimber Jr.

    There are two issues at play here. First, the media is probably misinterpreting what Cooper (who isn’t a stranger to make insensitive remarks) said. He could’ve been joking or it could’ve been taken out of context. On the other hand, it is on Cooper to be aware of what he is joking about. Certain things are off limits to talk about to players or the media and money is often one of those things.

  61. Riley Cooper seems to be always making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Regardless if his comments were meant as a joke or not, is there really a point in making those comments? Keep your mouth shut, focus on the team and the goals, and just keep working. The fact that he probably was complaining a little bit about his playing time and is probably a little jealous of Jeremy Maclin’s playing time, it shows some selfishness from Cooper and something the Eagles don’t need. Chip Kelly is a no nonsense coach and with him releasing DeSean Jackson last offseason for absolutely nothing, it shows he is willing to get rid of any players not committed to the team and their goals. While I still believe Cooper is a solid player in this league, I would not be surprise if he is not an Eagle next year.

  62. Orlando Prescott

    This all ties into what Jeremy Foley talked to us about during his guest lecture. The media loves to put a spin on things. Right now, the atmosphere in Philadelphia is great. The comment was made a joke. If tensions were high, the team was under performing and the team was sputtering, then there might be something to read into with the comment. Cooper simply made an observation about Maclin’s level of play and the current state of his contact in a joking way. Reporters wanted to put a spin on this to create some controversy and driving traffic to their website/article.

  63. I have played sports growing up and I have even been in college and professional locker rooms before and the overall perspective I obtain from this is that players love to mess with each other. Player to player jokes and pranks are part of sports. You’re on a team together and you see these teammates more than your own family, so of course you will get comfortable and say things as “jokes”. However, I believe every joke has some honesty hidden in it, even if it’s just a tiny bit it honesty. So, when Cooper made these comments to the media about Maclin, some part of him meant it. I believe players need to know when they can joke and when they can’t. When you’re speaking to the media you need to be serious because the media will make a big deal of anything you say.

  64. Elizabeth DeSimone

    It obviously looks like the media is trying to start controversy for no apparent reason. I think they like to stir things up a bit. I’m not defending Riley Cooper by any means just because he is one of our own. He has come in to my bar plenty of times and I wasn’t too fond of him myself, but this is pointless and just plain silly. Boys will be boys and make jokes like that whether it’s to each other or in the locker room. Players will eventually stop talking to or about one another in fear of words being twisted and conveyed in serious manners. Bringing a teams morale down like that isn’t a good thing. It’s only going to make things worse for them, the media, as eventually fans.

  65. The problem with this situation is that Cooper told the joke to the media. Jokes made on sports teams are funny between the players or coaches because they know that they work together and ultimately do not mean any harm. Though when you go to the media, they make a big deal out of anything to gain more attention, and through all of this the other teammate could take the joke out of context and be offended. Jokes generally contain intimate information that just should not be shared with the world.

  66. After working behind the scenes with Florida Football and experiencing what they call a typical workday, I learned the role the media plays. I believe the media has the tendency to twist information or to make stories a bigger deal than they really are. For example, the media blew up this Riley Cooper controversy when a player claims he was making a joke. Joking with each other, player to player, happens very often within sports organizations. A majority of the time it is playful joking with no intent to hurt anyone. Riley Cooper was obviously upset about his playing time and made a harmless joke about his teammate. However, the media took the story to the next level and Riley was unhappy with that as well. He made a comment stating that he regrets what he said because of how the media handled it. I strongly believe that if other players were in his situation, they would have said the same thing. Sometimes the media doesn’t need to be involved. In order to survive in professional sports, it appears that a good sense of humor is required.

  67. Matthew Gonsiewski

    I agree that the media does take things too seriously sometimes, and sometimes they try to stretch certain quotes to create a good story. I’m sure that in all locker rooms joking of this type occurs, both in front of the media and behind closed doors. I think that players are still able to joke with the media, because usually jokes can be picked up on. However, I think that Riley Cooper made a joke that wasn’t easy to pick up on, and it didn’t help that Jeremy Maclin said that Cooper shouldn’t have said these things. Maclin’s comments makes it seem like Cooper crossed a line. Overall, I think players can still present jokes to the media but they have to be careful with what they say and certain that it will be taken as a joke by the other players involved. Otherwise, like in this situation, the media will jump all over the story and blow it up into something that it isn’t.

  68. There are two issues in this situation that need to be addressed. Bradley Cooper needs coaching on how to conduct himself in a press conference. He said he “only regrets the comment because of the deal you all have made of it.” Often people will speak without thinking and never receive backlash for inappropriate comments, but if you are on a national platform making jokes about someone not present, media will take your comments and run. If Cooper was aware of the many sites solely dedicated to sports gossip like Deadspin, he may have thought longer about what joke we wanted to say. Another issue is media’s desperation of gossip news. Sports news has turned away from hard reporting because people are able to get the scores and play-by-plays instantly. Sports reporters are now leaning on gossip news, because features and profiles are very difficult with the restriction players have with the media. Sports journalism is in a trying era, but as ethical journalists we need to stand against sensational news that ruins our field and credibility.

  69. To me, it seemed like Cooper was a little upset that he wasn’t getting as much playing time and he made a backhanded joke. (This is coming from an Eagles fan.) The fact of the matter is, Cooper hasn’t played well at all this season in my opinion. Matthews has been far and away a better option, especially since Sanchez has been playing because he seems to love to throw the ball to Matthews. Maclin is just a better receiver. Kidding or not, he deserves and needs to be on the field more than Cooper. Cooper has been practically invisible this season. Maybe he just made these comments out of frustration, Who knows? All I know is that Cooper needs to keep his mouth shut, because the last time he was in the news for talking, it wasn’t good that time either.

  70. I feel like this incident is no big deal. I also feel like that all jokes need to keep inside a locker room and not be aired out in the public where the media could and will get a hold of it because everyone knows that the media will look for anything and then scrutinize anything just to make a story out of it to gain more readers. Ultimately, though riley cooper shouldn’t be the guy talking because every time he talks there is definitely some drama that goes with it every time.

  71. The dispute between the two wide receivers was completely blown out of proportion by the media. In every sport, players on the same team joke around about serious and not so serious issues. It is up to the media to cover important issues that reflect a more serious outcome; not a player’s opinion after a joke was made about that particular player. It is good to focus on player personas, but the media should primarily be focused on the Eagles organization as a whole; not players specifically.

  72. Being an athlete for a major media market like the FLorida Gators I have some insight to this particular situation and can put myself in the shoes of Maclin and Cooper far more easier than the average observer could. As an athlete you pour so much of your emotions physically and mentally into being successful and when you have someone who appears to be taking away form that (intentionally or unintentionally) it can really fire up some egos. In this particular instance there is money involved and from what I’ve heard about the next level (NFL) that is a huge red flag. People have families they have to provide for and the very unlimitedly last thing they want is for someone to be making a joke about their financial status especially when football is all that some of those guys have. In my opinion Riley Cooper is in the wrong and I understand that media takes things out of proportion and which is more of a reason to be conservative while giving interviews.

  73. Charles J. Lewandowski

    The media surrounding the NFL this season has had to deal with a lot of very serious situations. Players need to realize how much they are under the microscope, and the media can use whatever a player says as fuel. If a player makes a joke, it better be funny. If it is about another player, that player better be a close friend. This isn’t the first time Riley has dealt with negative publicity, and it seems he doesn’t understand how to go through the season day-in and day-out without bringing some attention to himself.

  74. I think players can make jokes to the media, but they have to be smart about what they say because it will garner attention. I don’t think this situation was a big deal, and it was looked into too much by the media, but ultimately Cooper should not have said what he said. I believe that he was joking, but the comments had a bit too much truth to them and were not funny. Cooper may have been going for a laugh, but instead what he got was negative attention for himself, Maclin, and the Eagles. Again, jokes are fine, and entertaining when done well, but they can backfire quickly. I think Cooper should stay away from jokes from now on unless they are lighthearted and funny, and if he has real grievances he shouldn’t try to disguise them as a joke.

  75. I think everyone needs to take these comments as a light hearted joke. There really isn’t anything Cooper said that should really offend Maclin. If that was a tweet it would not win the “Not Tweet of the Week” (i.e. something like the tweet we saw regarding the FSU shooting). I think the media is in fact blowing this out of proportion; not to extreme extreme, but just enough for it to receive enough attention. But both Maclin and Cooper should get back to playing the game, and if Cooper wants to play more then he should improve his stats.

  76. I personally feel that athletes joking with the media is a grey area. The reason is that most interviews you see broadcasted on ESPN of LeBron or Jeter had jokes in them, but they were not blown out of proportion. However, in the case of Cooper, he has had the problem of being insensitive in the not to distant passed. Cooper incident with the use of the “N” word at a concert caused a lot of controversy and chaos in the locker room. The debate also made headlines across the US, and therefore, the joke was made something it wasn’t as a result of the precedent that he has had. Essentially, athletes can joke with the media, but it depends on the individuals.

  77. To me, there are so many cases of players being scared to saying anything other than what is deemed politically correct. This is a perfect example of that. The media clearly is blowing these comments out of proportion. Stories and controversy drives ratings. I think that the media blew this up specifically in order to get people listening to what they were saying. The more I study the media, the more I am learning how biased they are. I really do not like the media and the sports media personal are some of the worst.

  78. This is a typical case of the media trying to make something out of absolutely nothing. Football is such a violent sport that you need laughter to somewhat even out the level of intensity that this sport entails. However, from Jeremy Maclin’s point of view, I can see why the joke was taken the wrong way. A contract year is a year when you have to be on your A game every game and even though it was a joke, the stress of trying to put your best foot forward could lead to actually thinking that it is true.

  79. Savannah Schaffer

    It was not made clear in Riley Cooper’s initial comments about Jeremy Maclin that he was at all joking. Though it seems probable he could have been joking in order to lighten the mood and draw attention away from the fact that his own play time has been decreasing, the comments did not appear to be humorous. The media did blow the situation way out of proportion, however, and had Cooper actually been joking about Maclin the media would be at fault for initiating conflict between the two teammates. It must be noted though that Maclin handled the whole situation in a very diplomatic fashion.

  80. In today’s PC society, it’s very hard for athletes to make jokes to the media and not get any negative attention. In this situation, you have a player with a controversial media history making an offensive comment about a teammate. After last year’s racial slur going viral, Cooper is on thin ice regarding his media coverage. However I do think the media blew up his joke because they knew the story would generate a lot of attention. The Eagles control their own destiny and are in a good spot right now, that also means they have to be extra careful when communicating with the media. Every media member loves a controversial story, and Cooper, more than anyone else, should not make jokes like that under any circumstances.

  81. I agree that Riley Cooper’s comments were not very smart, and he seems to be making a habit of saying dumb things. As a UF grad, he should be smart enough to realize the media driven world he lives in, and that anything he says, joking or not, may not be taken in the context of the comments. Any comment about playing time or player finances are sure to cause a firestorm, but combining the two would usually cause a massive media story. Cooper was fortunate to make these comments during a week most people are not paying attention, or else he could be in a lot of trouble.

  82. In my opinion I think the media blows everything up. It can be something as little as a joke made about a teammate that makes it to social media then all of the sudden everybody is weighing in on the comments with their own interpretation of the joke. Some things aren’t even meant to make it all the way out in the main media and I sure he meant no harm with his joke. That is the atmosphere of sports teams they joke around a lot and make light of a lot of different situations.

  83. I think the media is blowing up this story, and highly doubt that there is any bad blood between Cooper and Maclin over these comments. For one, what Cooper said is true, Maclin is indeed playing for a contract. I think Coopers comments were highly unnecessary seeing as they have nothing to do with his decreased playing time, but I don’t think they were very offensive and doubt there is any “in-fighting” occurring in Philly. Cooper needs to hold his tongue in the future because he is already seen as controversial and he is clearly frustrated with his decreased playing time, but his comments were just not very smart.

  84. I think it is perfectly acceptable for athletes to make jokes to members of the media as long as they realize that someone who a) doesn’t know them personally and b) is attempting to get publicity to better their own careers, is probably not going to report the joke as harmless even when that was the intention. I think Cooper was okay to make the joke but he probably should consider whether it was a smart move. The media will do anything to create a story even if there is nothing there so its probably not very wise of Cooper to give them any extra ammo.

  85. I think the media blew this out of proportion. Cooper was just making a joke and the media saw the oppurtunity to create controversy and so thats what they did. I honestly find it annoying that the media does this and make everything into a big deal and I’m not even a professional athlete. However, I also think that Cooper needs to be smarter with what he says, the media is always looking for controversy and he needs to realize that and decide whats good to say and whats not.

  86. I think that the media has a tendency to exaggerate some of the things said by players of any league. I do agree that Riley Cooper’s comments were not anything close to professional however. As a former Florida Gator, he should be able to realize that the media will turn anything you say and exaggerate every word.

  87. I definitely think the media took that out of proportion; it wasn’t that serious. I feel like everyone jokes around playfully and just because they are football players that this had gotten blown out of proportion. I don’t think he was trying to be offensive but just to have a little fun. However, I can see he point of why he was mad. I hope they can hug this out like two mature adults and play football.

  88. In each locker room theirs a set of unwritten rules you go by. Since their aren’t contracts in college football and the joke was about maclins contract I can’t seem to relate. I will say since it is an unwritten rule in the league not to talk about others contracts then I will say it’s a low blow. Joke or not joking cooper should’ve not said that in front of the media. The media wont say that’s off the record and they can’t put that in their articles or publish that because cooper said it to them. He has to do better by thinking about what he says in front of the camera. He’s gotten in trouble before for that.

  89. As Being A football player, media always takes the joke out of content, so no you can’t really make a joke in the media without it being taken seriously because they’re always going to make it into something it’s not! No matter if Youre joking !

  90. I believe that players can joke in certain situations. The problem with it is and the reason I would stay away from it if I were an athlete in the national media spotlight is because the media over-analyzes everything these days. ESPN is filled with talk shows that spends hours trying to find things that players say to analyze them. Even when a player or coach says something that is obviously a joke or mentions that it is a joke, it is still analyzed because it is something for reporters to talk about. Sometimes players run the risk of making statements that are out of the ordinary for attention (ex. Richard Sherman this past week) or to be funny. If i were being interviewed, I would try to act as professionally as possible and stick to the script as much as I can. Which is unfortunate, because you like to see players have fun, as it makes it more interesting for us to watch. There will always be players that make a point to be in the headlines, which makes for good TV. In this case, I thought Cooper’s comments were seemingly out of frustration for a loss of playing time, although he said he was kidding. I feel like his comments had underlying criticism in them directed towards Shurmur and the rest of the coaching staff.

  91. Players must tread with caution when making jokes to the media. The media have a tendency to over-analyze EVERYTHING. I think it is ridiculous how much television and radio time is dedicated to picking apart celebrities and athletes- whether it’s what they’re wearing or who they’re dating. I think that they are normal people who mess up and say the wrong thing at times- no big deal! These days athletes must stay on the straight and narrow (at all costs) to avoid conflict and negative attention because the media are hounds. Perhaps Riley Cooper should have taken this class and learned a thing or two about how to deal with the media during his time at UF.

  92. In the media world that we live in now-a-days a comment like the one Cooper made can be interpreted to be something bigger than a joke. The way news spreads fast on social media has something to do with something like this and more and more comments like this will be taken out of proportion. Should have Cooper made the comment in the first place about Maclin? Probably not, but he tried to make a lighthearted joke about his decreasing playing time.

  93. I knew Riley when he was here at UF, and it’s his personality to kind of mess around and joke about things. On one hand, it’s not really his business to discuss another player’s contract, even if it is a joke. On the other hand, “the only reason I regret saying that is because ya’ll have made it into such a big deal.” That’s Riley! He’s very sarcastic, and it seems to me like he didn’t mean any harm by what he said. Teammates and those who work in sports poke fun at each other all the time and don’t mean anything by it. I feel like nowadays the media tries to make a story out of anything and will spin something just to get page views and newspaper sales.

  94. Absolutely. Jokes within players are personal. Each player knows whether they are joking around or if their are serious. But the media does not know their personal lives. The media’s job is to reveal players and to find the bad in them, so if a comment is made intended as a joke, then the media has no way of knowing that. So now the media all sees this jokester as a bad guy, when really the joke wasn’t even for the media. The media just got involved to cause problems and create a good crowd. So in the media it is wrong too make a joke because everyone takes jokes to personal, so the jokes must stay within the locker room.

  95. With the media needing new and unique news every second of the day now, it is not smart for a player to say anything but yes and no to the media now. Coopers comments were strange, and possibly interpreted correct but that doesnt mean it should be made into a big deal. The media has been looking to spin anything and everything in order to make it a headline so they can receive clicks. I have been fooled many times by misleading headlines that seem to instigate drama and not portray the story as it really is. Jokes are jokes, but it is smarter now to just keep them in the locker room because the media takes advantage of them and twists headlines and stories to generate views.

  96. To me, this is another scenario of the media attempting to make a story out of something when there really shouldn’t be one. Sure the media took this joke out of context, but in the same vein, it’s different. Normally, you would hear a player say something along the lines of “I’m just focused on how the team does” or other generic player/coach speak. So when a player gives you a quote out of the ordinary, the media is going to run with it. While I agree that Cooper’s words were taken out of context, I’m not surprised that the media opted to run with the quote.

  97. You know, I believe the Twitter pages of NFL athletes and every single other professional athlete is taken way too seriously. I’m sure it may have been more of an inside joke between the guys but either way it was blown out of proportion by the media. This goes back to the discussion on whether or not athletes can only be athletes and nothing else. I feel as if the media should step down or step aside from social media outlets and let the players interact with their fans by themselves without the medias input on every tweet that goes out to the world.

  98. After the incident with Riley Cooper and other players it just seem like the NFL is trying to take all the fun away from the game. I believe that each player can have fun with jokes just as long as the players don’t take it far. I honestly believe that the media outlet for the players should be free from the rules as far them interacting with the fans and each other. As news worthy I don’t think this should be a problem of any sort. I am all for players having fun and using the media as an outlet to have fun.

  99. I think that the media is really trying to blow everything up. I think that it is unfortunate for Cooper because he really seems genuine as trying to make a joke. Now, I think he is under more scrutiny after what he said a year ago so maybe that is contributing to the media trying to make a story out of something minuscule. I also think it’s stupid of the media because they are both successful players, even though Maclin might be playing more now which makes it sketchy, but Cooper is under a pretty hefty contract and is doing what he needs to do for his team. They are both successful players. Being an athlete at Florida, we know what kind of jokes are crossing the line and in this scenario I think Cooper knows that too. In my opinion Maclin may have taken things a little too seriously and the media is attempting to stir the pot.

  100. the media over reacts the things to much. period. anything a player says is twisted around and made negative

  101. I think the media is always taking things too seriously because they want to make headlines and have a big story. If media was not involved, players could joke around all they want, but nowadays its different and players have to constantly be watching what they say because they are always being watched. In this case, i think Maclin just took the joke too seriously and the media took advantage of that.

  102. I think players have to be careful about what they say to the media. Anything can be blown out of proportion so any kind of loophole that can be found in what an athlete said will be blown up. Athletes are celebrities and just like celebrities they are carefully monitored especially about what they say. Plus, I think Jeremy Maclin took the joke way too seriously and should have been more chill to his teammate about it instead of drawing attention to themselves and the team and causing more drama.

  103. Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin are wide receivers for the Philadelphia Eagles. Jeremy Maclin is on his contract year which essentially means his play this year will determine his future contract. Riley Cooper was upset that he was subbing every 4 or 5 plays while Maclin was not substituting nearly as much. The reason this caused such turmoil is because Cooper went public about his comments and it didn’t feel to the media as if he was joking like he claimed. Players need to be careful on how something is said because it can come off a total different way. Maclin was not happy when he had discovered that Cooper made such “jokingly” comments.

  104. I believe athletes should save the jobs for their teammates and close friends. Once you open your mouth as an athlete, if there is a journalist around it will most likely find a news site. Athletes must realize their privacy is much different than normal people and that’s just one of those things that comes with the fame and fortunes.

  105. Whether Riley Cooper was joking or not, the comments that he made to the media about Jeremy Maclin’s lack of substitutions were out of line and not very smart. Cooper is in his fifth season in the NFL and was in the center of a controversial media topic last year when he was caught on camera at a concert drunk, and used the “N” word multiple times to refer to the concert’s security guards. Cooper should understand at this point in his career how the media works. Whether he was joking or not, he can’t blame the media nor say that he had no idea that his comments would become a bigger deal than he expected them to be. He is too far into his career to be that naive. It also didn’t appear that Jeremy Maclin took his comments as a joke, saying he felt Cooper shouldn’t have made those comments. If I was Maclin, I would be upset with Cooper too as he just brought attention that Jeremy probably did not want.

  106. This issue has become bigger than Cooper ever expected. I think that his comment was supposed to come across as a joke, but with money and other things in today’s world you almost can’t joke about anything without someone getting offended. The thing that makes this a tough situation is that it is his own teammate. He should have never made the comment but the media would spin it to make him look bad.

  107. The sad thing about this “joke” was that no one can forget riley coopers racial slurs a year ago toward african americans. In sports society jokes can be transformed in malice accusations and bad jokes. Whats worse is how he talked about his own teammate in a joking manner and when that happens, usually that causes bad situations in the locker room. Not only can’t you trust the media. But the media takes everything to seriously and they screw over so many peoples lives and force things upon people that they don’t want to do.

  108. Daniel Turknett

    Before even reading the article, I was worried about what Cooper said. The first thing that popped in my head when I was thinking about him was the racial slurs he made in the past. I do understand that Cooper was “joking” but when talking about money, it’s a different situation. While I have never been in a professional locker room, I imagine most guys avoid talking about contracts, especially when discussing other players. I understand that Cooper was just joking around, but it was a situation he should not have commented on.

  109. In this day and age, i feel that not only players cannot make jokes to the media, but it is hard for anyone to mess around without someone taking the statement out of context and making it seem a lot worse than the initial intent. Its sad that we have to be that protective and aware but with how easily something can blow up on social media, its much safer to just avoid messing around.

  110. kavaris harkless

    As me being a student athlete at the University of Florida you have to analyzed and sit there and think about what you want to post before you do it. I feel that it is that way because people are looking for you to do something so they can be like “oh so and so did this or said that”. Being that others look up to you or being that the media is after you is a part of being an athlete is it fair, no it is not but at the same time who said life is fair?? Even though there was no harm to come of this joke the media blew it up and out of proportion. So with this being said I feel that athletes in general should be more conscious in their decisions on what they put out to the media.

  111. Honestly I didn’t find anything wrong with what Cooper said. If anything he was just being honest about Maclin getting more playing time and not wanting to be taken out…but then again who DOES want to get taken out? Not many players. The comments he made were a joke and people need to lighten up especially the media and other players. I don’t think it should be that big of a deal.

  112. Riley Cooper is mad that Jordan Mathews is better than him and isn’t getting the ball as much anymore. He’s already making more money than he’s worth and now he’s going to call out his teammates, definitely not a very smart move by Cooper. Now that the Eagles are establishing the run game better and better as the season goes on I would be worried if I was him as a talent wise 3rd string receiver.

  113. Why was this ever a story? It just seems like there was a lot of speculation involving the comments and the media made it seem like it was a bigger deal than it actually was. Maybe this was Cooper trying to make his name relevant again after Jordan Matthews has stolen his thunder. But yeah, if an athlete says one little remark or makes one little joke the media can sometimes blow it out of proportion just to make a story out of it – people just need to take it with a grain of salt.

  114. Cooper probably did not mean anything he said about Maclin in all seriousness. But I believe money is something that should not be talked about in that way. What he said could all just be fun and games but when presented to the media it can easily be blown up into something much worse. I think he should have never made the comments he did to the media, knowing that it could possibly be twisted or turned into something bigger.

  115. I think the media is just ridiculous sometimes. As a former football player, the atmosphere is all fun, games, and jokes. Nothing is really that serious unless noted otherwise. The NFL makes huge deals regarding money and the media is all over it, literally. This is just another case where the media sees and hears comments that regard playing time and money and they want to make something out of it. Maclin most likely doesn’t care what Cooper had to say because in the end, both players are making a lot of money already. The only reason why Cooper shouldn’t have said anything is because of the media blowing it out of proportion. Players can make jokes but they do have to watch what they say if they don’t want backlash from the media.

  116. The media is infamous for taking things out of context. The Cooper and Maclin situation is no different. Working with the UAA I get a chance to see how players interact with each other on a daily bases. The environment is very playful and no one takes the jokes personally. Cooper and Maclin may be the same way. Sometimes the media tries to create stories or headline breaking news where there is none.

  117. I think that no matter who you are, you can make whatever joke you want but you have to acknowledge that someone might misinterpret it and you might be put in a position where you have to defend or explain yourself. In this case, the person making the joke and the subject of the joke are fairly prominent people, so that misinterpretation got a lot more attention than it would have if it was just a guy joking around with some friends. People in the public eye definitely have to think a little more about what they say since misinterpretation of their jokes blows up a lot more when they’re on camera, but the bottom line is that no matter what someone says, they just have to be ready to defend (or reconsider and apologize) if necessary.

  118. Unfortunately, Riley Cooper isn’t one of the smartest UF Alumni in my opinion. A great athlete on the field but his use of words hasn’t always been the best. Back in 2013 a viral video showed him using inappropriate racial slurs at a Kenny Chesney concert. Another thing is the media is everyone so you always have to be careful of what you say and how you say it. Players joke all the time with each other and it’s all fun and games, but the media is not other players. Depending on who it is, the media’s job is to get a story and find something interesting so they might create this by misunderstanding your story or twisting your words. Players just have to be careful and make sure they are clear and make it clear what their intention is by what they are saying so no negative outcome comes from this. I didn’t think Cooper’s joke was that funny if he was trying to make one. If you ask me he is clearly upset that Maclin is getting more snaps and playing time than Cooper.

  119. The media loves to take anything athletes say and twist them. However, all athletes should know this before saying anything so they do not get put under a bad light. Players may joke with each other, but not everyone understands these jokes. Coaches need to make sure that their athletes speak on things that are pertinent, and nothing else. If athletes say things that others do not find in a joking manner, it can hurt their image, as well as the organization’s image. Media members want to get viewers and readers, so they will do what they know in hopes of becoming more successful. As long as athletes are careful about what they say, it should not hurt them. It is sad that athletes cannot do or say certain things, but that is the world we live in with constant media presence.

  120. After hearing about the comment Riley Cooper made regarding Jeremy Maclin on social media, I could easily see that it was a joke. I didn’t think anything he said should have been taken out of context. I think the number one problem with the media today is that it seems every comment taken out of context just twisted around and made into something its not. The media loves conflict and it seems they glorify this sort of thing. I think public figures, in the spotlight, are constantly being monitored by the media to find any kind of slip-up. Football is a highly physical contact sports so of course there is going to be a little controversy, humorous or not, between other players. I think all humor is looked at in the media as controversial and anything it can be taken out of context it will! Athletes should be allowed to joke every now and then with other players without the constant worry on their back about it being taken the wrong way and turned into something it’s not.

  121. This was an odd situation to read about. Cooper’s “joke” doesn’t really seem like much of a joke. In my mind I believe Cooper was just saying things that he really meant, and now that the media questioned him about it he is trying to calm them by just saying it was a joke. Regardless the situation this is the type of distraction that causes chemistry issues for a team. The Eagles definitely don’t need this as they are trying to make a push towards the playoff’s. I believe that Cooper probably regrets what he said and that Maclin was probably pretty mad about it and I’m sure they have had some sort of conversation about it.

  122. As a huge Eagles fan, I am very aware of how much of a distraction Riley Cooper can be on and off the football field. This is not the first time he had confrontation on the field, and I’m sure it wasn’t such a nonchalant comment that he is implying. He has had problems with racial comments, and because of that a lot of the teammates have lost respect for Cooper all together. I have a feeling that while the media blew this situation up,we are also seeing the Eagles teammates starting to not put up with the drama Cooper comes with. If Cooper wants to be successful in the NFL, I think he needs to grow up and learn what to say and not to say in terms of talking to his teammates and media.

  123. The locker room culture is a very tricky thing to understand from people on the outside. As players you never want your teammates to say, jokingly or not, that you think you have different rules or don’t share the appropriate team traits. It would be best to have said nothing and not make a story when one does not need to be made. The eagles most likely made this a non issue but it brought on unneeded attention and media that was not required in the middle of a playoff run.

  124. To me this “issue” is really a non-issue, it seems like something the media just created and fanned the flames in order to create some drama that wasn’t really there. I don’t even have a problem with Cooper’s initial comments, and he said he meant them as a joke, he was clearly asked to speculate why he was on the field for less snaps then Maclin and he stated a speculation. With that being said, Cooper should know better than to make any comments about the play of a teammate. I commend Maclin for not taking the bait in his press conference when the reporter clearly tries to make Cooper’s comments seem like a big deal. A few days later when Cooper says he shouldn’t have said those comments, I think his face tells the viewers that its not a big deal and that Maclin and himself have no love lost because of this “issue”. The main issue here is that the reporter who initially asked Cooper to comment on his playing time and then related the accounts to Maclin will now most likely be shut out by Cooper. Would you want to talk to someone who made such a big deal out of a harmless comment?

  125. Again Riley Cooper in the news for saying something that was “out of context”… I’m sure it was a joke on behalf of Cooper, however as we all know in this world, especially in the sports world anything that could be slightly taken off guard can and will be used against you. Maclin understood it was a joke but agreed that Cooper shouldn’t have said what he had said. This isn’t really a headlining issue, however Riley just needs to think twice before he says things, ’tis all!

  126. This isn’t the first time Riley Cooper has been in the news for crossing boundaries. Being from Philadelphia and a die hard Eagles fan, i find this very troubling. Cooper may have said this as a joke and Jeremy Maclin might get his sense of humor but the media finds out about everything so actions and different opinions were going to be taken into consideration here. Maclin may have known it was a joke but he had to do his due diligence as a teammate and human being he had to let Cooper know it wasn’t okay to say it. All in all, i hope Cooper was put in his place because after all, this was his second time crossing the line.

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